Lebanon & Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (BETA) Rescue Mission

In 2018, we traveled to Lebanon to work with the largest animal welfare group in the country, the Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or BETA. We went and saw and worked at their non-kill shelter which on average holds over 800 rescued dogs all needing forever homes, with the very dedicated BETA staff that helps take care of every single dog each day. Some of the staff live their year round and dedicates their lives to these dogs in need, which really shows their true compassion and dedication to the animals care. We also attended emergency rescue calls received throughout the country, one among many being a very 80 dog puppy mill seizure. That was a very difficult time, but we are able to really gain some very valuable dog rescue experience doing this type and level of rescue work. Working with this amazing organization we really got a sense how hard they work to rescue, rehabilitate and advocate for animals well being and treatment in their country, and abroad. They are an inspiration to us. We were also able to bring back 3 dogs as well in 2018 and found them loving forever homes in Canada. In April 2019 we will be going back to work with BETA and we are looking forward to be back once again to help.

Please check out their website at: https://betalebanon.org