Adopted!! Yaaay Holly!

Happy Tail- Everyone goes into the new year with all these goals and plans for themselves in the idea that they want to do something better, healthier or even adventurous. I decided not only did I want to better myself, but wanted to change the life of someone else, and that someone was my new baby girl Holly Golightly.

I wasn’t entirely sure what type of dog I wanted to adopt but Raincoast definitely eased the stress and any questions I had about the process. I messaged Jesse over Facebook inquiring about adopting a new dog and just my luck he was about to rescue some dogs that may fit mine and the dogs profile. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for the pictures of these dogs weren’t released on their public website yet. I saw Holly’s picture and immediately knew I had to have her. There was something about her that made my heart melt. Jesse walked me through the process of being able to foster her before committing to a full adoption just in case her and my pug wouldn’t quite get along. The first meeting between the two dogs went more smooth than anticipated and I knew the second I saw her, she had to be mine. Within the foster program you have to have the dog for minimum three days but I knew within the first few hours that this was her forever home.

Raincoast was unbelievably helpful and extremely informational about fostering/adopting. New pets can be difficult but they made the adopting process thorough and efficient. Holly and my pug are the best of friends now and she’s been welcomed with open arms by literally everyone she meets. I’ve never met a more vivacious, loving and caring little creature. My heart is complete with the new addition to my family and I honestly couldn’t be happier.

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