Rescued Dog: Steel

Adopted!! Yayyyy Steel!
(Lucy’s puppy)

Happy Tail-

Thank you RainCoast Dog Society for bringing Steel into our lives (formerly Larry of Lucy’s litter). Steel is a bold and outgoing puppy who has fitted into our family perfectly and we can’t imagine our home without him now. He loves to hike, chew squeeky toys and crash out for his puppy naps wherever and whenever. He is in awe of our older dog and follows him around mirroring all his actions. They’ve become quiet the dynamic duo and it’s very cute to see. Thank you for all the wonderful work you guys do!

Rescued Dog: Lana
Parents: Adby Family

Adopted!! Yaaay Lana!!

Happy Tail – Our family would truly like to thank Jesse and Brielle, from the bottom of our hearts. Jesse is so personable, he made the adoption so comfortable and easy. Like it was meant to be. I love that they are there to help with any concern and really care. Lana fits in perfectly with our family dynamic. It didn’t take much or long for us to fall in love with her! She is a dream. Everything we needed. An ideal match.

Thank you again, for all that you do, the Adby family.

Rescued Dog: Winston

Adopted!! Yaaay Winston!

Happy Tail-

Hey guys, just wanted say how happy I am that Winston (formerly Donald) has come into my life. He’s the sweetest most affectionate pooch I’ve ever met and it’s been amazing building a bond with this handsome fella:) everywhere we go people are always coming up wanting to meet this guy and commenting how awesome they think he is, he loves this too because he’s a total people lover and will take all the attention and love he can get. I don’t know how anyone could have ever abandoned this sweet heart but we both now have a new best friend in each other and we couldn’t be happier:) thanks again Raincoast.

Rescued Dog: Chowda
Parents: Jason

Adopted!! Yaaayyy Chowda!

Happy tail!

Thanks to Jesse and Brielle at RainCoast Dog Rescue I’ve found a new pup to take me for walks and hikes.
Mr. Chow is a 3 year old Chow/Lab cross that didn’t have a great start to life, and has some scars to prove it. He’s a soft-hearted guy, who’s afraid of the sound of dry leaves, and big dogs on leash. Looking forward to many years in the woods, on the water, and sharing couches together. Dog dates most welcome.

Rescued Dog: Sitka

Yaaayyy Sitka’s adopted!!!
(Formerly Daniella)

Happy Tail <3 Many months ago I saw a photo of a little pitty on Facebook. I'd always wanted a grey pitbull, but since I already had 3 big dogs, I figured the dream of owning one would not happen any time soon. Nonetheless, that picture stayed on my mind, and months later my partner, Matt, convinced me to meet her. Sitka (aka Daniella) met our family about a month ago. Three weeks later she became an official member of our family. She is a bundle of strength, love and humour. She needs some work on her leash manners and basic socialization but she is trying so hard and is quickly fitting into our already established pack. She and I went for our first run today and she was a dream, and she's going to be starting daycare soon. She is a sweet dog and the idea that she might have stayed in a shelter or been put down makes my heart hurt. The work that Jesse and Brielle do at Raincoast Rescue when they rescue dogs is incredible, but the attention they pay in assisting dogs finding the right home, and supporting the potential owners is beyond words. I can't thank them enough for their patience and their drive to find doggies like Sitka a home. If we can ever be of help to them or to other puppies (not as adoptive homes though, we are officially FULL 🙂 ), we are more than willing to assist! If you are looking for a pet, PLEASE ADOPT! You might end up with a little lady just like this!!

Rescued Dog: Bosley

Adopted!! Yaaaay Bosley!!
(Formerly Axle)

Happy Tail –

The moment Bosley cruised out of the Raincoast house we immediately knew he was the right dog for us. He is such a sweet and loving dog and has settled right into our family perfectly. We’re so in love with him we even enjoy the drool surprises we find on us when we leave the house. Jesse was extremely helpful in helping us find the right dog. It is clear that each dog that arrives at Raincoast is loved for and cared as though they are family. Thank you for all that you do and for bringing Bosley into our lives!

Rescued Dog: Uso
Parents: Aleisha and Buong

Adopted!! Yaaaay Uso!
(Formerly Garth)

Happy Tail –

4 weeks ago today this handsome guy crashed into our lives. He was adorable, but a little scared, insecure, and nervous. My heart went out to him because he’s had a shitty start at life. He had some issues with his self control, but you could see the amazing potential in him. He was just trying to find his way. There were many times in the first few days that I thought “this isn’t going to work”, but everyday he would make improvements, even if they were just small things, he was trying. He started to realize that we were his #fureverhome and it helped his confidence. I can’t tell you how great it is to come home to his sweet face, and crazy wagging tail. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but it’s SO worth it. Thank you, Jesse and RainCoast Dog Rescue for your patience with us, meeting us at Bosley’s to show us what we need (and don’t need), the house visits, setting up the training session, and all the helpful phone calls. You have such a big heart, and the work you do is incredible. We can’t thank you enough for helping us complete our family. #Uso #obsessed #raincoastdogrescue #fostertoadopt #newyearnewman

Rescued Dog: Raffi
Parents: Erin

Adopted!! Yaaaay Raffi!

Happy Tail –

I knew from the moment I met Raffi that I wanted him in my life. He is one of the sweetest, kindest and suckiest beings (human or animal) that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. After only a few days in my house and he’s already a fixture on the couch, in the house, and in my heart. Thank you Jesse and RainCoast for bringing this wonderful creature into my life, I already can’t remember what is was like before he was here

Rescued Dog: Sunny
Parents: Jesse

Adopted!! Yaayyy Sunny!

Happy Tail – Well as the co founder of RainCoast Dog Rescue I am surprised I am not writing these weekly haha. But here it is. About a year and a half ago when I went on my first trip to Mexico to help dogs in need, I came across a lot of dogs in such horrible conditions, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. Stray dogs were everywhere, some being badly injured, some being left for dead, and nobody around really seemed to care. As I went to the Central Acopio Animal Shelter in PV, where we had planned on making a real difference in with a few other rescue groups and amazing people, Manuel Zepeda in particular. I came across many dogs (mostly Pitbulls) that were chained to tress, in the dirt with two feet of slack to move around on. Also dogs in cold and dark concrete kennels with rusty thick bars on the front, so pent up they could hardly contain themselves not to bite each other from the pure excitement of actually having people come see them. Dogs with major allergic reactions and infections not being treated. We just knew from that day forward we had to help. There were a few dogs in particular that I really took to right away, most being Pitbulls. A couple were Sunrise and Quicco (now adopted Diego). These two dogs had been there at the shelter for so long, but had managed to keep such a great temperament and outlook on life, even after the hell they had been through in their life so far. As I went over to a small, dark and dirty concrete kennel I saw this dog lying down at the front of the kennel with her face smugged up against the concrete bars just hoping someone would even come over and pet her, to show her some form of affection at all. As I went over to see her she just melted into my hand and my heart into her. I could not believe how sweet and innocent this poor dog was after all this time in there. Just the look in her innocent and beautiful eyes could tell you a whole story about her life until now.. I must have spent 20 minutes just sitting down on the ground in front of her kennel, just letting her enjoy my touch and affection and mine hers. I knew from that moment I had to get this sweet dog out of this hell and back home with me. It took me about 6 months after or so to get this girl out and back home with us. I was hoping sooner, but you can only move so fast when working safely with dogs in other countries. Arranging vet care, training, foster homes and flights. Ever since Sunny came to Vancouver island she has been such a good girl, she would not hurt a soul. She loves to play with all nice dogs and also with her favorite stuffed purple dinosaur she whips around the living room having the time of her life, making all who watch it just laugh. Sunny had gone into two foster to adopts and had been returned, not because of any mistake she made, but I guess the adopters just weren’t ready to place the effort into a dog that it needs. I was shocked such a amazing dog could not be adopted after two foster to adopt homes, I just don’t have that happen in our rescue. As my heart grew even more in love with her I knew that I would only let a very very very special and specific person ever try a foster to adopt again with her again. A month and a half has gone by since and no one has come to see her, so I knew deep down in my heart that she was meant to be with me and me with her. All my personal pack dogs loved her and had accepted her in as one of their very own, so I knew this was it. As of this morning Sunny is an official part of my RainCoast pack and has made me so happy to know I will be her fur-ever fur dad for the rest of her life. Welcome Sunny Bunny, I love you so so much!

Rescued Dog: Pepe
Parents: Leslie

Adopted!!! Yaaayyy Pepe!!
(formerly Titan)

Happy Tail!

Pepe (formerly Titan) came to me directly off the plane from Puerto Vallarta – lucky for him he was a last minute replacement for another dog. Jesse & Brielle realized then he had been injured earlier in his life and was missing all his toes on his right foot and all but one on the left. His injures are all healed up not affecting his outlook on life. He is a very calm, gentle & mellow boy which is big adjustment for me as my last dog was a border collie / blue heeler cross! It’s very enjoyable to relax at the beach with Pepe curled up beside me!! I’m hoping to get him in as a therapy dog visiting the senior care facilities. This is my second chance with Pepe as he returned from his stint in the Big City – my reply when Jesse & Briele sent a text asking if I could foster him again was YES PLEASE!! Now that my cat Purdy has adjusted being little more accepting and tolerant of him I knew it was meant to be. Pepe is the biggest love bug and I’m so grateful to have found him! Thanks RainCoast Rescue for all you do!!