Rescued Dog: Cypress
Parents: Karen and Jeff

Adopted! Yaaaay Cypress!

Happy Tail-

Cypress (formerly Princess) is such a great addition to our family. She is a sweet little girl, gets along great with her “brother,” Archer and is a fantastic snuggler. She may be small, but she is chock full of personality and makes us laugh several times every day with her goofy antics. Although she is still a bit nervous around new people, she has proven to be immensely trainable and is showing improvement every day. She is definitely not the type of dog we expected to adopt, but has turned out to be exactly the dog we needed. A big thanks to Jesse and Raincoast for helping us find her.


Karen, Jeff, Archer and Cypress

Rescued Dog: Elliot

Adopted!! Yaaaay Elliot!

Happy Tail –

Our experience with Elliott has been better than we could have imagined! We’re having fun every day going to the dog park or for long walks in the park near our house. He loves being outside and also loves cuddling on the couch. He has to be on top of us all the time. Elliott comes along with us wherever we go and he loves meeting new people and dog friends! He has been great sleeping in his crate overnight and he’s learning other things quickly from us and his pals at the dog park. We get different suggestions all the time of what his breed may be so we’re excited to continue watching him grow! We get compliments all of the time on how cute Elliott is and his sweet demeanour. We had to wait a while to find him but we found our perfect match! We’re so grateful to Jesse and Raincoast for helping Elliott find his forever home and giving us a puppy with so much love to offer! Thank you!!

Rescued Dog: Max

Adopted!! Yaaayy Max!

Happy Tail –

Here we go! Glenn and I have been “trying” for a dog for a long time now. After being “unsuccessful” with a previous dog who had too much energy and wasn’t well socialised we were a little tainted. But then by what simply can be described as fate, we found Max. We fell in love with him instantly. Max’s heart is so big (bigger than his head believe it or not) and he simply wants to be loved. His fascination for the world and people is so refreshing and we are so lucky to be able to explore it all with him. Big thanks to Jesse at RainCoast for helping us find our perfect match in Max!

Rescued Dog: Molly

Adopted!! Yaay Molly!!

Happy Tail –

When we saw first saw Molly’s picture, and that she was looking for a happy home, we knew we wanted to meet her. The moment we met her we fell in love. She is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever had the privilege to know. From the first hour we had her home she was, and has always been since, following our daughter everywhere. They are the best of friends and we believe soul mates. We love Molly so much. Jesse at Raincoast Dog Rescue has been great through this whole adoption process with us and we definitely recommend Raincoast to anyone looking to adopt a rescue. ❤️🐶

Rescued Dog: Daisy

Adopted!! Yaaayy Daisy!

Happy Tail –

Hello, my name is Daisy and I now live in Colwood, BC with a senior who thinks I am wonderful. I used to be called “Ruby” but Daisy is just fine with me now :). Life is most comfortable here. I can jump on all the furniture I want, but I prefer the rocking chair the best. It is soft and I can cuddle with my senior mommy while she reads her books and rubs my belly, then I sleep. Afterwards I go into the yard and explore all the good smells and the grass and moss are softer on my feet. I love to run around, jump and watch the dogs next door as they bark and play, I just look at my senior mommy and she says “it’s ok”, so I am ok with it too. I love when people come over to see me and give me lots of treats, then they pet and hug me and tell me how good I am. Whenever my senior mom calls me I come running, she tells me to “sit” and I sit, and even one time I jumped off the top of eight stairs right into my senior moms arms. She screamed as I think I scared her at first, but then she laughed and jut told me how wonderful and sweet I am. For some strange reason my mom always wants to take me on hard road walks, why I don’t know?, especially when there is so much nice and soft grass right around my house. She usually meets me half way, half concrete and half grass, so I am ok with that. I love going for car rides with my mom and and see what’s out in the world with her. I truly love my new life and mommy so much!

Thank you RainCoast Dog Rescue for helping rescue me and finding me my most favorite person and home ever!!!

By for now, Daisy❤️🐶

Rescued Dog: Louise

Adopted!! Yaaaayyy Louise!

Happy Tail –

My spouse and I found out about RainCoast Rescue through my sister as her spouse knew Jesse. They said he was very knowledgable and super passionate about rescuing dogs. They didn’t let us down! From the very beginning, Jesse was so helpful and full of information. He was easy to talk to and was always available if we needed to call and ask questions. Very accommodating!

Louise was rescued from a hoarder where she spent the first 3 years of her life locked in a room. After months, Jesse gained her trust and it was sweet to see their bond. We met Louise, and she was so sweet but very timid. We started fostering her two days later and she turned out to be the sweetest dog ever! Such a love! She loves people and loves other dogs but everything else is a challenge when it comes to the outside world as its new to her. She was so nervous going outside on the grass and would shake uncontrollably. Now, she is walking all over the place! She still has her moments where loud noises will scare her but with some encouragement, she will continue trotting along! She even braved Car Free Day in downtown Victoria and did great! She makes friends with everyone who passes and gets very excited when she sees smaller dogs than her! Her little tail wags like you wouldn’t believe!

If it wasn’t for Jesse, this poor little girl would still be locked up and uncared for. He did amazing work with and I am forever grateful 💜

Rescued Dog: Creed

Adopted!! Yaaayy Creed! ❤️
(Formerly Blaze)

Happy Tail –

From the day I met Creed (formally known as Blaze) I new he would be the perfect addition to our family. He is an amazing kisser…the best bed warmer/cuddler… And loves hiking as much as we do! He continues to amaze me everyday, he is so good with the baby and he gets along great with his bro Odis! All thanks to Jesse and his love for dogs, he said “he was saving blaze for a special family” and we are so thankful it was ours!

Rescued Dog: Gremlin
Parents: Dahlia

Adopted!! Yayyy Gremlin!

Happy Tail –

I have had Gremlin for almost a month now and he has quickly become my best friend. Jesse, at Raincoast, was so helpful and so supportive throughout the whole foster process and even now after the adoption was completed. He genuinely cares about the animals and just wants them to find happy homes. He was and still is willing to help with Gremlin’s on leash anxiety. Even though I was going through a stressful time when I was adopting Gremlin, Jesse was more than understanding. I could not have asked for a better adoption process and I am so very grateful that it led me to my new fur buddy.


Rescued Dog: Honey

Adopted!! Yaayyy Honey!!

Happy Tail –

Rescuing a dog was always something we were very passionate about and we were now at a time in our lives that we were ready for our fur-ever friend. When we came across Raincoast Rescue via Instagram we knew this was the route we wanted to go. We instantly fell in love with a few dogs we had seen pictures of and immediately filled out the adoption application so we could meet these adorable dogs. When we spoke to Jesse, he was very easy to talk to and filled us in on the adoption process. His knowledge on dogs and training really helped to make the adoption process an easy transition. We went to meet a couple of the dogs, but the moment we met Honey we knew she was the one. Her beautiful eyes, her blue fawn color, her bubbly, and sweet character had us smitten. From the first night we had her she has been nothing short of amazing. She loves to snuggle as close to you as possible and kiss you until your blue in the face. Her goofy, playful but yet gentle character makes her hard not to fall in love with. We couldn’t imagine our lives without her and we love her so much. We are so thankful for Jesse’s hard work and passion for rescuing dogs. Happy Tails!

Rescued Dog: Buddy

Adopted!! Yaay Buddy!
(Formerly Petie)

Happy Tail –

I got the privilege to meet Buddy (Petie) on May 23rd, he captured my heart on day one. I didn’t even have to think twice about wanting to foster to adopt him from the RainCoast dog rescue society, we were a match, when I took Buddy home we bonded right away he became my cuddle buddy.
Buddy loves his long walks, after he likes to sleep on the couch and cuddling with me. Buddy just amazes me everyday he’s such a special little guy and I plan to love him till the end, he deserves so much in life, I plan to make it extra special for my new friend. This was my first time adopting from RainCoast Dog Rescue Society, Jesse Adams truly cares and shows so much love for his adoptable dogs this made this process so much easier, I love this program to foster the dog first before adopting this really helps you find your forever friend, if your considering to adopt a new friend I recommend using RainCoast dog rescue society there truly wonderful!