Rescued Dog: Jackson

Adopted! Yaaay Jackson!

Happy Tail-

We started talking about possibly adopting a dog last November and fell in love with Jackson’s cute floppy ear on the Rain Coast Rescue site. We started talking to Jesse about fostering to adopt but when we went out and met Jackson he was much bigger than we were expecting. We drove home to talk about it but we were in love and Jesse brought him to us that night. We’ve gone from never having a dog to having this great big crazy “goofball/ham” and he totally fits in with our family. He thinks he is a lap dog.

Our lives have been forever changed for the better, he is always so excited to see us, he is full of energy and mischief. We want to thank Jesse for rescuing Jackson from Montreal and introducing him to our family. Jesse has been so helpful, lots of great advice and always ready and willing to help us in this new adventure of ours. He has an amazing relationship with these dogs that he rescues.

Rescued Dog: Piper

Adopted! Yayyy Piper!

Happy Tail-

When we lost our beloved Yorkie-poo “Scamp” two years ago my wife and I said we would never get another dog. Scamp had come from the SPCA, having been dropped off by an owner that could no longer care for him. Our new dog “Piper” came from RainCoast Dog Rescue. She is a white and black Terrier mix. Rescued by Jesse and brought to Victoria, Piper spent a week with a loving foster family before coming to her forever home with us. At first shy and withdrawn Piper spent her first days with us barely eating and just lying on her new bed. With patience and lots of love over the last three weeks Piper now bounds down the hall in pursuit of her favourite stuffed toy and we spend more time sitting on the floor playing fetch and tug-of war with a little dog than sitting in a chair. I’ll be 70 in a few months and I think I was starting to show my age. Playtime with Piper has brought a joy back into our home that we had so sorely missed. In his poem “The Power of a Dog” Rudyard Kipling said “ You will discover how much you care, And will give your heart to a dog to tear.”

RainCoast Dog Rescue went above and beyond with support and advice in adopting Piper. Jesse was always available by phone or email and showed his dedication to rescuing dogs. Thanks Jesse.

Rescued Dog: Benny

Adopted! Yaaayyy Benny!

Happy Tail-

Benny, Bennidick, Eggs Benny and Sir Benny – We saw your handsome face online and knew we needed to meet you! As soon as we did, we feel in love. Your sweet kisses and loving personality drew us in! We couldn’t have found a better pooch for our Family. You’ve brought many laughs, cuddles and kisses into our lives! We are excited to continue the journey with you Mr and wouldn’t have it any other way! Welcome to the Family!

Thank you RainCoast Dog Rescue Society for all your amazing help and help. 🐶💙

Rescued Dog: Nibbler
Parents: Shelbie

Adopted!! Yaaay Nibbler!

Happy Tail-

When I met Nibbler, little did I know that he would change my life in the best possible way. I saw that RainCoast needed a foster for a happy little boy. It was Christmas time, and what dog should go without a family on Christmas?! I stepped right up and messaged Jesse right away, and within no time Nibbler was in my home.

I was just a foster mom, helping him learn how to sit, stay, not destroy my couch, and play nice with my other rescue, Xena. Little did I know what would happen within the next couple of weeks. Xena and I fell in love with this monster ball of energy.

It wasn’t easy and took hours of teamwork from myself, Xena and Nibbler – but we did it. I found myself messaging Jesse about adopting Nibbler. He’s the biggest ham I’ve ever met, and has giant puppy paws that are still learning not to tear apart pillows and beds, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. He has so much love to give (and stinky farts), and is teaching me so much every day.

My family accidently grew by one member, and I cant wait for all the adventures we’re going to have.

Thank you RainCoast, for helping me through the whole process, and bringing Nibbly-Butt into my life.


Rescued Dog: Joey
Parents: Kate

Adopted! Yaaay Joey!

Happy Tail –

I wasn’t looking when I found Joey (aka meatball, hammerhead or muscle face) He was dropped off at midnight as a foster dog, after being in a shelter. He was thin, scared and exhausted. I had to do everything for him because he was so timid and fearful of everything.

It took about ten minutes for me to fall in love with him. His big bobble head, huge smile and hilarious sleeping positions won me over instantly. He came at a time in my life i needed him the most. He takes my worst days and turns them into comedies. Every morning he wakes me up precisely 3 minutes before my alarm by jumping on my head and snorting . (It took awhile to get used to (haha)

I am so thankful not only to have Joey in my life , but for Raincoast Rescue for giving me the chance to become part of the team. Without all those previous babies I fostered, I wouldn’t have found the one 💛🐶😍

Rescued Dog: Peanut

Adopted!! Yaaay Peanut!

Happy Tail –

Peanut came into our life a month ago after we fell in love with his profile picture. Jesse brought him over he instantly melted out hearts. He is so affectionate and full of life and so much fun. The other animals even accepted Peanut. Jesse made the adoption process so easy was always available for any questions or concerns. We highly recommend Raincoast Rescue to anyone looking for dog. Thanks for bringing Peanut to us 💞 and for helping all other amazing animals that deserve a forever home!

Rescued Dog: Opie
Parents: Patti

Adopted! Yaaayyy Opie!

Happy Tail-

I decided to rescue a new fur friend before my 3 year old got older and I was watching a few rescue sites and then Opie s face popped up on RainCoast Dog Rescue Society. Now being in north Vancouver, I didn’t know what our chances were to foster to adopt. I called Jesse right away and he is very easy to talk to and could tell we were the right family for Opie. Jesse made all the arrangements to meet and was well prepared for the transition which went very smoothly. 😀 My 3 year old is the best teacher and big bro to wee Opie. Many happy 😊 tails to come,

Patti, Skylar and Opie 🐶🐶❤

Rescued Dog: Monty
Parents: Sara

Adopted!! Yayyy!

Happy Tail-

It has been 3 weeks now that this sweetheart has come into our lives and we cannot imagine it without. Thanks to RainCoast dog rescue- Monty is now living a spoiled life of happy trails and endless pampering. Jesse was passionate in making sure he was in an appropriate home.. and we are so fortunate to call him family. Together we have been working on his transition process.. new home, people and area was lots but he has settled in! His smiles are priceless. Adoption is the way to go!!! Thanks RainCoast and Jesse!

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Rescued Dog: Zak
Parents: The Frost Family

Adopted!! Yaaaay Zak!

Happy Tail –

I knew it was a tall order to ask Jesse to match us with our perfect dog – we don’t have recent experience with dogs and we needed a dog who would be gentle and love having lots of kids around. Zak has exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds! Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He is so well-mannered, affectionate, laid back, patient, fun, well trained and adorable! It’s so amazing to watch him grow more confident and playful as the weeks go by! His brown-eyed gaze melts our hearts and we already have so much love for this doggy of ours. We cannot thank Jesse and RainCoast Dog Rescue enough for believing that there is a match out there for anybody with a big enough heart and desire to be a dog owner. We’re the perfect family for Zak and he’s the perfect dog for us! Thanks Jesse!

Rescued Dog: Louie
Parents: Becky and Blair

Adopted!! Yaaaaay Louie!!!

Happy Tail –

I happened to be casually looking up rescue groups that looked reputable and came across Raincoast Resue. We saw little Louie’s face and knew we had to meet him. When we realized he was found in a field all alone we had to welcome him into our home. He was very timid at first but his personality comes out more and more each day. He’s such a loving, cuddly, spry little guy he makes our day everyday. Thank you to Raincoast Rescue and especially Jesse who took the fear out of adopting by fostering first. Afterward if we needed him for any reason he said he’d be there for us too.

Keep up your good work!

Becky and Blair