Rescued Dog: Katie

Adopted!! Yaaaay Katie!
(Formerly Eden)

Happy Tail –

We are enjoying life with Katie, who has quickly become an important member of our family. She adores our first grandchild, who arrived a couple of weeks before she did, and people in general. She is now registered at the middle earth canine academy nearby for basic obedience classes, which we are hoping will ensure we’re all “on the same page” moving forward. Katie is excited to meet and play with other dogs, but until we have a solid recall from her, we are hesitant to let her off the leash, except at home. We are hoping that by the end of summer, we’ll have crossed that important reliability threshold and will be confident in her understanding of English commands, etc. LOL! We have also discovered she is not a fan of Peacocks, haha.

Thank you for all the wonderful work that you do. Se are overjoyed to have found katie through RainCoast Dog Rescue and the amazing Acopio Shelter Team in Mexico!!!

Rescued Dog: Koda

Adopted! Yaaaay Koda Bear!!

Happy Tail –

We are overjoyed to have gained a family member. Kodabear is the sweetest, silliest, most gentle dog I have met and I couldn’t have dreamed up a better fit for us. He loves to play and go on big adventures but is also just a big cuddle bug who loves kisses. We want to thank Raincoast Dog Rescue for bringing us all together and helping us give Koda the life he deserves.

Rescued Dog: Blue
Parents: Roxburgh Family

Adopted! Yaay Blue!

Happy Tail –

Our family had been looking for a dog to join our family. We believe in rescuing dogs rather than adopting a puppy, and spent a couple months looking for a dog to rescue. We have a small child, so finding the right dog was very important to us. We saw Blue online we were immediately in love with him. As soon as possible we went to see him. He was perfect. We met Blue at a Raincoast rescue adoption event in Victoria and brought him home to Cumberland as a foster to adopt family. Blue is an ambassador for the breed, he is calm loving and wants to please. He is good with our cat and the other dogs he has met. He loves children and adults alike. He has kisses for everybody. He loves to run with the mountin bike on trails, fetch and chew his toys. He came to us house trained, walks perfectly on a leash, fetches and can recall. Wow what a boy. We adore Blue and are so pleased we are his forever home. We already couldn’t imagine life without him. So happy Raincoast rescue is saving dogs like blue, and giving them a second chance. We have a happy tail.

Thanks Raincoast Rescue-you guys rock. The Roxburgh Family

Rescued Dog: Maya

Adopted! Yaaaay Maya!

Happy Tail –

Maya was so timid and shy when we first brought her home with us, but she’s opened up amazingly quickly to show us her adorable, silly self! She comes from Romania, where she went through a very hard life, before coming to Canada . We love her funny sighs and little paw slaps! She is such a sweet girl, winning hearts everywhere we’ve taken her. We feel so lucky to be able to give Maya a loving home after having such a rough start at life. We loved the foster to adopt process to make sure we were the right fit for Maya, thanks so much to Jesse and Raincoast for all the help and support!

Rescued Dog: Jura

Adopted!! Yaaaay Jura!
(Formerly Chance)

Happy Tail-

Yay, happiest of tails!!
Jura, formerly Chance, came into Jesse at Raincoasts’ loving care all the way from the streets of Bucharest, Romania. Being friends of Raincoast, we had been looking at adopting a dog for a while. When we saw Jura’s goofy smile and handsome fluffy coat, it was one spaghetti noodle away from a lady and the tramp love story. We picked Jura up from Raincoast HQ in the depths of Sooke, and headed straight for camping on utopian Galliano island. Day one was hiking the pine bluffs and playing in the sand. From Victoria to Campbell River, we haven’t looked back yet. We love Jura for his goofy bum wag, aversion to car rides and old men, and everything in between. We cannot thank Jesse and Raincoast enough, for all that they do and have done! To all the prospective doggy daddy’s out there, please check out the stunning pups at RainCoast.

Adopt don’t shop!

Rescued Dog: Meira
Parents: Pamela and Kevin

Adopted!! Yaay Meira!

Happy Tail –

Meira (was Beauty) came to live with us 3 weeks ago and has settled right into her new home very well. She is an absolute sweetheart and is so gentle, we couldn’t have asked for a better dog to join our family. She gets along really well with her new big brother Simon and likes to play with him when she’s in the mood. He can be quite pushy when he want to but she holds her own and lets him know when she’s had enough. Meira likes to spend the nice days sitting outside on the deck or the lawn watching the birds on the lake and chasing squirrels out of the yard. She is so laid back and easy going and loves going for walks. Meira’s not used to car travel but does ok on short trips in town to the local parks.
We are very lucky to have met this sweet girl, who travelled all the way from Romania, and are looking forward to giving her the happy life she deserves. Thank you to Jesse and RainCoast Rescue for introducing us to this little princess!

Pamela and Kevin

Rescued Dog: Sylvester

Adopted!! Yaaaayyy Sylvester!!

Happy Tail –

We decided to get another furbaby awhile after we had to get our old girl put down. We still had 2 other dogs but there was still an empty spot for us and especially for our 10 month old minpin. We ran into our friends daughter who had just adopted their dog from Raincoast. Although we were thinking of getting another minpin puppy we didn’t think it would hurt to just take a look at the website. The first picture we came across was Sylvester, close to what we were looking for. Well he turned out to be exactly what we were looking for. He is the most sweet loving boy. He adores Millie. They are inseperable. We couldn’t be happier with him. Thank you Jesse for Sylvester and for doing what you do. I would recommend Raincoast rescue to anyone. We are sure glad we didn’t pass up the opportunity.

Rescued Dog: Wilson
Parents: Shane and Sherri

Adopted!! Yaayy local boy Wilson!

Happy Tail –

Happy tails for Wilson !!! Wilson has been with us for a few weeks now and thing could not be going better !!! He has fit right in with our family and his also recently adopted bro. Pepper. Wilson is super smart and eager to please as well as amazingly patient.He has been a huge help in training his furry brother who had a few more issues due to his rough start in life. Pepper is doing great now as well !!!! Thanks again Jesse for doing what you do. We would highly recommend anyone thinking of adopting a rescue to speak with you first, as raincoast is an example of how to do things right.

Thanks again, Shane,Sherri,Wilson and Pepper.

Rescued Dog: Suzi
Parents: Bonnie and Ed

Adopted!! Yaaaay Suzi!

Happy Tail –

Hi Jesse, Ed and I want to thank you Jesse and RainCoast Dog Rescue for all the time and efforts in helping us with Suzi’s adoption. We were very skeptical at first going into a rescue adoption program, but so happy we did. You made the process very comfortable for us by telling us all we need to know to be sure we could be the best adoptive parents for a rescue dog. Suzi was the most scared little girl when we first met her but the decision to adopt was based
on how she let us hold her, and her need to trust us came out within minutes as she calmed down. We knew then, she was a keeper and we had to give her a second chance at having a great life, and it will be a great life! Within 2 days, she accepted us fully and we have had nothing but wonderful times
together, she is one sweet little girl. We are so happy to have her in our

Thank you Jesse for doing what you do. It warms my heart to see someone put so much time into giving these precious pets a real chance at having the love and life they should have.

Would we do it again, absolutely!
Bonnie & Ed and Suzi ❤️🙌🏼👏🏼

Rescued Dog: Eddie
Parents: Stephanie

Adopted!! Yaayy Eddie!!

Happy Tail – After meeting Eddie for the first time, we instantly fell in love with him and we love him more and more every day. He is the sweetest dog we have ever met. He loves to snuggle and give kisses and has so much fun exploring on his walks. He has fit in perfectly with our family since the first day he arrived at our home. He always wants to be by our side, so I know he loves us just as much as we love him. Eddie is so well behaved, does so well with other animals and is so friendly with everyone he meets! We have wanted to get a dog for a long time, but we had a hard time finding the right one for us. However, after hearing about Rain Coast Dog Rescue, Jesse was able to make the perfect match within a week of us contacting him! The service Jesse provided was beyond what we expected. He provided us with everything we needed to get us started, even food and treats! He is always available if we have any questions or concerns, which is super awesome for us since we are first time dog owners and have lots to learn and he knows his stuff!

We feel so lucky to have Eddie in our lives. He is truly perfect. Big thanks again to RainCoast Dog Rescue!!! Jesse you are the best!!

Stephanie Turpin