Rescued Dog: Timber
Parents: Deb and Mike

Adopted!! Yayyy Timber!

Happy Tail- When we first saw Timber on Raincoast I immediately contacted Jesse. We loved him at first sight and he gets better everyday. Timber is a welcome addition to our family .Timber gets along with the neighborhood dogs, enjoys his walks, playing with Hañnah and his stuffies in the fenced backyard. He loves the car as he knows there will be a walk in a park, beach or shopping in a hardware store. He can hardly wait to go camping 😊 Thank you Jesse at Raincoast for letting us adopt this beautiful boy we couldn’t imagine our life without him! ❤️🐶

Rescued Dog: Happy

Adopted! Yayy Happy!
(Formerly Dolce)

Happy Tail- Today marks two weeks since I officially adopted Happy. While we still have lots of learning and bonding to do, I would say we are already a family. He is always by my side and I simply adore him.

I have taken him to work with me a few times now and everyone just loves him. On days when he isn’t there, everyone asks for him (And I joke that my colleagues are now Happy’s aunts and uncles.)

Happy just loves exploring – as do I. Just over the past couple weeks we have been to 6 different beaches and parks. When we are at home, Happy loves playing with his stuffed animals (a duck, a squirrel, a hedgehog and a “grumpy cat) or else curling up and snuggling with me.

The only time I have heard him bark is when he is really REALLY excited (like when I pick him up from his sitter after work).

He is just the sweetest boy, and I am so thankful to have found him and to be given the chance to bring him hope and give him a great life. I am really looking forward to lots of adventures together.

Thank you RainCoast Dog Rescue Society for finding me my new forever best friend.

Rescued Dog:

Adopted!! Yaaay Gibbs!
(Formerly Max)

Happy Tail – I just wanted to share with all of you how my world has changed since coming to the Island. First off, my name was Max but as there was already a Mac living here, my name got changed as it was too confusing for everyone. After a few days, Gibbs became my new name, from Leroy Jethro GIBBS, because I’m sniper-like with my licks and kisses. I have 2 new bffs – Mac who is a yellow lab and Kona who is a bitza who also came from Raincoast. They are teaching me that taking things off the counter and climbing on furniture is not something we do in this home. I’ve learned “sit” and do it when every I can because sometimes there is a treat! We get lots of time playing and running around outside, and I have my own bed. We stick pretty close together. I am still hesitant with strangers and do bark when there are unknowns on the property. I know this is my furever home and I am staying right where I am. I’m a very HAPPY dog!

Rescued Dog:

Adopted! Yaaay Petey!

Happy Tail – Jesse, Ed and I want to thank you and Raincoast again for rescuing little Petey as we now have a little buddy for Suzi who we rescued a year ago with Raincoast.

When we saw Petey on your Facebook page while we were in Maui, we had to set up a meet and greet with him when we got home and we are sooooo glad we did, he is so precious.

He is definitely a bundle of energy, but adapted well in his new surroundings. Suzi warmed up to him and his crazy energy within a week. They are totally opposite personalities and we were a bit skeptical it would work with Suzi being quiet and independent and Petey being a high energy 2 year old puppy. But low and behold, with some time and direction they now balance quiet time and play time. Suzi never played before, and now seems to engage more with a little instigation from Petey and Petey seems to engage more in quiet time thanks to Suzi.

As we said when we adopted Suzi, we were very skeptical at first going into a rescue adoption program, but so happy we did. And now that we have two adoptions under our belt, we couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with rescue dogs. You made the process very comfortable for us by telling us all we need to know to be sure we could be the best adoptive parents for rescue dogs.

Suzi and Petey will want for nothing and looking forward to spending lots of fun times with both of them.

We are so happy to have them in our lives.

Thank you Jesse for doing what you do. It warms our heart to see someone put so much time into giving these precious pets a real chance at having the love and life they should have.

Would we do it again, absolutely!

Rescued Dog:

Adopted!! Yaaay Scout!

Happy Tail – The twins wishes came true! Thank you to Santa Jesse for making it come true. We just started looking into adding a family member and followed a few rescue page. We originally want to meet with another dog but he was barking at us and he was being territorial. And here comes Scout sniffing us and sat on my daughters lap. And let us pet him. 🐶🐕
Hearts melt and little did we know we wanted to take him home. We couldn’t be happier with Scout. We are keeping his name Scout to not confuse him anymore. We couldn’t imagine life without Scout. ❤

Thank you RainCoast Dog Rescue Society!

Rescued Dog: Holly
Parents: Jamie

Adopted!! Yaaay Holly!

Happy Tail- Everyone goes into the new year with all these goals and plans for themselves in the idea that they want to do something better, healthier or even adventurous. I decided not only did I want to better myself, but wanted to change the life of someone else, and that someone was my new baby girl Holly Golightly.

I wasn’t entirely sure what type of dog I wanted to adopt but Raincoast definitely eased the stress and any questions I had about the process. I messaged Jesse over Facebook inquiring about adopting a new dog and just my luck he was about to rescue some dogs that may fit mine and the dogs profile. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for the pictures of these dogs weren’t released on their public website yet. I saw Holly’s picture and immediately knew I had to have her. There was something about her that made my heart melt. Jesse walked me through the process of being able to foster her before committing to a full adoption just in case her and my pug wouldn’t quite get along. The first meeting between the two dogs went more smooth than anticipated and I knew the second I saw her, she had to be mine. Within the foster program you have to have the dog for minimum three days but I knew within the first few hours that this was her forever home.

Raincoast was unbelievably helpful and extremely informational about fostering/adopting. New pets can be difficult but they made the adopting process thorough and efficient. Holly and my pug are the best of friends now and she’s been welcomed with open arms by literally everyone she meets. I’ve never met a more vivacious, loving and caring little creature. My heart is complete with the new addition to my family and I honestly couldn’t be happier.

Rescued Dog: Bea

Adopted! Yaaay Bea!
(Formerly Barbie)

Happy Tail- Thank you SOOOOO much for the opportunity to adopt Bea. She is such a sweet and kind creature, and adores everyone she meets. She loves all of her doggy friends, is so gentle with wee/timid puppies, and can also run and play with the rambunctious ones. She is doing great with her training – sitting, staying, and giving lots of kisses. Bea is a fabulous jogging partner, and LOVES racing around in the yard, and frolicking on beaches. Her favourite thing is to curl up beside you on the couch, just so she can be close. I have waited many years to find Bea, and can’t thank you enough for bringing her into my life. I cant wait for all of the adventures we are going to share. Thank you Jesse!

Rescued Dog: Moon

Adopted!! Yaaay Moon!

(Wilburs healthy sister)

Happy Tail –

Thank you Rain Coast Dog Rescue for choosing us! Thank you for caring so much about your animals and for allowing us to give Moon an incredible life full of so much love, adventure, safety and fun. She is an absolute gem. Thank you Jesse for your call and intuition in our application. Thank you to her foster mom Nicole for doing an amazing job caring for her. As soon as I found out I was a potential applicant I got into my car and drove 4.5 hours from Tofino to Victoria to meet Moon. I was so nervous to meet her as there was one puppy left of the litter that I was able​ to take home. I wondered if she would feel connected. As soon as we got to the foster home, I walked through the door and Moon ran right up to me, jumped on me and gave me kisses for several minutes while all the other puppies continued to play with each other. This was the magical beginning of our life together. Life with baby Moon so far! Moon is loved by everyone and loving her socialization and play times. Moon is an absolute favorite at the hospital I work at and brings so much joy to everyone she meets. She is only 9 weeks old and has learned to sit and wait before walking through doors, comes when called, knows how to give a paw, down, loves her crate and absolutely loves car rides. She loves her visits with everyone in our small community, the surf shops, book store, pet store to name a few. Moon has made great friends and is learning lots from her well behaved canine company. She is even happy for nap time in her crate! What a dream dog Moon is! I could not ask for anything more. We love Moon so much and she has completed our family. Complete gratitude for Raincoast Dog Rescue. I have literally cried everyday of happiness with this sweetheart. Thank you beyond words.

Rescued Dog: Ollie

Adopted! Yaaayyy Ollie!
(Wilburs healthy brother)

Happy Tail –

My boyfriend and I have been living together for a couple years now, and we always talked about getting a furry friend to start our family. I never thought it was the right time, and I was nervous about having time/experience to train a dog, as I have never had one before. When I saw the litter of puppies go up online, I fell in love. With a little encouragement, we decided to take the leap and I’m so grateful we did. We adopted Ollie at only 8 weeks old, and he came to us such a good sweet boy already. You can tell that he had great training from the beginning, and they really took care of these pups. He’s now 10 weeks old and he’s finding his personality. Ollie loves to cuddle with anyone, play with any dog that’s bigger than him, rip apart his bed and then stare at you with his big puppy dog eyes. He is cuddly and sweet but also loves to play 💜Jesse put any worries of mine to rest as he was there 100% with any questions or concerns I had, and will be for the rest of Ollie’s life. This is going above and beyond in my mind, and I would always recommend Raincoast Dog Rescue. They change lives at this company, and the amount of support you receive is incredible! Thank you Raincoast!!! 🐶💜

Rescued Dog: Lucca

Adopted!! Yaaay Lucca!
(Formerly Austin)

Happy Tail –

Today marks 4 weeks since we brought home our handsome, goofy boy Lucca! Over the month we have had him he has shown more personality daily, he’s the biggest Mama suck & loves his human siblings so very much. He has changed our lives, we couldn’t be happier to have made the choice to foster to adopt him! The second we met him we knew we wouldn’t be giving him back, he stole our hearts. Every new adventure we have he makes us more than proud. He loves his puppy friends, big hikes, naps & following his girls around. Our 5 & 10 year olds love having a fur-brother around for cuddles, a buddy to play with & someone to lick their tears when they’re sad. Thank you Raincoast for our forever friend xo