Rescued Dog: Bodhi
Parents: Mark, Karen Ryan and Jagger

Adopted! Yaaay Bodhi!
(Formerly Johnny Spots)

Happy Tail-

Bodhi, formerly know as “Johnny Spots” came into our lives about a month ago. Our family, including our Shih Tzu – cross Jagger (also a rescue) met him at the ball park during our first meeting and fell in love with him immediately. We weren’t sure what to expect going in, given his sheer size and lack of history, but were pleasantly surprised at how sweet and affectionate this big brute was. He
also had the kindest eyes.

I’m not sure Bodhi had an opportunity to be a puppy in his past life, but is
certainly getting that opportunity now….complete with peeing on our spare
mattress down stairs and eating a small piece of my office desk LOL! Of
course there is plenty of play time (he loves to wrestle) and he keeps us
laughing with his clumsiness and big goofy smile. He is the first dog I’ve
seen play fetch with a soccer ball and takes great pleasure in tackling my
son Ryan when he has the ball. LOL

At first we thought he didn’t bark, which seemed odd, but within a week or
so he suddenly discovered his voice. Now he likes to use it a LOT! It’s a very big voice and he as learned how to “dog talk” especially when he wants something. Pretty funny, except when we are tying to eat dinner. Karen was quite adamant that he was not to get up on the bed, but that lasted about a
week haha! He is a fantastic snuggler! We are still working on manners when
meeting other dogs….he wants to play so badly that he sometimes lunges in to play, but he’s getting better everyday.
What can I say, he’s a work in progress. As all dogs are. He has met everyone on our
street now and has daily visits with most of them. After a brief period of separation anxiety Bodhi has settled in very nicely. I guess he finally realized that he has found his forever home.

On day two of our 2 week trial period, I texted Jesse and told him he was a
keeper! I think you just know when something is a good fit. Since then
Bodhi has become an important part of our family and we can’t imagine our
lives without him. Thank you Jesse and Raincoast for bringing Bodhi into
our lives.

Mark, Karen Ryan and Jagger

Rescued Dog: Viggo

Adopted! Yaaay Viggo!
(Formerly Steeler)

Happy Tail- Viggo (formerly Steeler) was a perfect gentleman during our first meet! Our girl, Haven, even seemed to tolerate him so we simply weren’t able to resist bringing him home that same day! Since then, he has been winning hearts with his piggy noises and his kisses. The little stinker can clear a room in 2 seconds flat but it’s hard not to forgive his happy (almost boastful) pitty smile. He is a devoted and annoying little brother to Haven and a great cuddler, even into the late morning. He wasn’t the pup we were expecting to fall in love with but we are so happy to welcome him to our family! Thanks RainCoast Dog Rescue Society! ❤️

Rescued Dog: Chloe

Adopted!! Yaaay Chloe!

Happy Tail-

Chloe came to us a little while ago. It was her first time being away from her sister and our first time having a small dog so we weren’t sure how well it would go. We have absolutely fallen in love! She is so lovey and snuggly, just a little sweetheart. Even my husband is head over heels for her. She plays well with my kids and is starting to bond nicely with our other dog. She is at her happiest when being snuggled or running around with the kids playing. She loves long walks and going camping. She has become the perfect addition to our family and she is everything I wanted in a small dog. It was rocky to start but we can’t imagine life without her now. Thank you RainCoast Dog Rescue Society! ❤️🐶

Rescued Dog: Lola
Parents: Tom and Shay

Adopted! Yaayy Lola!

Happy Tail – Every single morning we are lucky enough to have our alarm clock be Lola. She is the reason we wake up every single morning, really really early. She is one of those special girls who is absolutely down to do anything whether it be hiking, running, swimming or even sleeping (not in the mornings). She especially loves to give tons and tons of kisses, she is extremely affectionate to everyone she meets. Lola is getting better each day and beginning to engage in play with her new dog friends. She has been the best addition to our little family we could ever hope for. It has given us great joy to watch her grow, explore new things and to see her personality develop. We want to give a special shout out to RainCoast Dog Rescue Society for helping us find our perfect fur baby. We couldn’t imagine our lives without her beside us giving us endless amount of love and kisses 😘

Rescued Dog: Romeo
Parents: Mia

Adopted!! Yayyy Romeo!

Happy Tail- Almost three weeks ago Romeo came into my life. I was a bit nervous about adopting a rescue dog. I had had dogs in my life before, but always from breeders or friends. I had heard rescue dogs can have “issues”, but the idea of so many dogs out there needing homes really touched me and made me want to try this route. I contacted Raincoast Dog Rescue Society and in a short time was conversing with Jesse.. Through this society I could foster a pup and ensure he or she was the right fit for my family and me. The carefully constructed foster to adopt questionnaire did its job and asked all of the right questions to ensure the right pup was fitted to us. In no time at all we were meeting Romeo, a seven month old Papillon/Dachshund cross. Although a bit shy at first, we almost instantly fell in love. No, he is not perfect, he gets a bit stressed when I leave him as we have become very attached to one another, but we are working on it and he is the most lovable, smart, loyal and funny little pup I have ever known. It is almost like because he was a rescue, he wants to learn and please me more than ever. I now know I could never again support ‘buying’ a dog. I understand the attractiveness of choosing a specific type of dog, but with so many amazing pups out there in need of good homes, it is just not something that makes sense to me. And really, how many breeders allow you to foster and make sure the pup is right for you and your home, not to mention that you are right for the pup?

Thank you Jesse for the amazing job you do. Life with Romeo is beyond fun and filled with so much love that would have not been possible without you and the Raincoast Dog Rescue Society.

Mia & Romeo

Rescued Dog: Sheldon

Adopted!! Yayyy Sheldon!

Happy Tail- We are so happy to welcome Sheldon to our family! He fit in perfectly since the moment we all met him. Him and his new sister are loving each other and happily sharing bones and toys. He’s a giant puppy with so much love to give and come such a long way in a short time. We can’t wait to continue to watch him grow into a gentleman! We quickly found out his heart really is as big as his head 😊

Thank you RainCoast Dog Rescue Society!

Rescued Dog: Bruno

Adopted! Yaaay Bruno!

Happy Tail-

The minute my parents showed up to meet me, they knew I was the one for them! I’m everything they could have asked for and more. Sometimes they affectionately call me the monster, it’s a pretty cool nickname to be honest, but I’m not really sure why they came up with it; I’m very good at taking tents down, or helping my mom with her paperwork, for example. I always want belly rubs and walks, and I get them all the time so life is good. I’m told sometimes I stink, but it doesn’t bother me at all. Car rides are my favourite too – especially if I get to ride shotgun. Thank you so much to Raincoast for saving me and helping me find my forever home. Life is grand! Bruno xo.

Rescued Dog: Aaron
Parents: Kim and Dan F

Adopted! Yaaay Aaron!

Happy Tail- We first saw Aaron on Raincoast rescues facebook page, it was love at first sight!. He was still there a couple of weeks later when I inquired about adopting a small dog, I thought for sure he would be gone. He was very shy to begin with but has opened up to us with a lot of patience and love. He is super smart and every day shows us something new he can do. We are so glad to welcome him into our family and we’re so happy that he is accepting us as well.
Thanks so much to Jesse and Andrea the amazing foster mom, for all their dedication and love for dogs.

Kim and Dan F.

Rescued Dog: Ellie May
Parents: Natalie

Adopted!! Yayyy Ellie May! ❤️🐶🐶❤️

Happy Tail- Ellie May came to me as a foster in late May after being surrendered by her previous owner. After a few days of adjustment, she instantly fit in with my life and other animals. it didn’t take me long to realize there was Absolultely no way she could go anywhere else. Ellie has a goofy, easy going personality and she is the sweetest little thing I’ve ever met. She is up for anything, whether it’s lounging on the couch watching netflix, or exploring our beautiful island. As cheesy as it sounds, I do believe that Ellie being placed with me was fate (and I’m pretty sure Jesse knew all along!). Ellie is my newest furbaby and I hope to make her just as happy as she makes me! Thanks Jesse and Raincoast for giving such a sweet girl another shot at life, and bringing us together!

Rescued Dog: Hershey
Parents: The Pows

Adopted!! Yaaay Hershey!

Happy Tail-

We met our Hershey through Raincoast rescue open house adoption day. We fell in love immediately! He’s been such a great pup and is learning so quickly! He is a goofball with a great calm attitude. Jesse came to our place one Friday night to do a “home inspection” little did I know that my boyfriend had already arranged for him to join our family. ❤ what a great surprise!! Through the power of Facebook we have been in touch with the lady in Cancun who found Hershey and his brother in an abandoned building. She’s shared many pictures and stories that we are grateful for!! We love this little guy and are thankful for Jesse and his team for bringing this big love to his forever home!