Rescued Dog: Alfie
Parents: The Popiks

My beautiful rescue PitBull/lab cross 2yr old Alfie .He’s the most amazing dog I’ve ever have had. His temperament is to die for .He’s very loving and loves to kiss and cuddle and he sleeps in my bed.I have trouble walking and getting up from sitting position so I am going to get Alfie a proper harness with a handle on it and teach him to be my therapy dog. I love him so much. And all my thanks goes to Rain Coast Dog Rescue Society in Victoria and Brielle Turpin and Jesse Adams. 

Rescued Dog: Texas
Parents: Mark & Tina

Our experience with RainCoast was wonderful and Jesse and Brielle were great. We highly recommend Raincoast Rescue to anyone looking for a dog. Our new addition to our family is Texas and it was love at first sight. He is a sweetheart and he has totally won our hearts over, he loves his walks/hikes and also made a new best friend Jaxs (lots of running involved). Thank you for helping all those other animals that deserve a good forever home. Mark & Tina, Justine, Nick, Brianne Jaxs (Texas new best friend)

Rescued Dog: Butters
Parents: Garret and Bianca

“Our experience with Raincoast Rescue has been wonderful. Jesse and Brielle were so helpful and patient with helping us find the perfect pup. Butters is an amazing addition to our family and every day she is learning something new. We highly recommend Raincoast Rescue to anyone looking for a dog. Thank you for helping us find Butters and for helping all those other amazing animals that deserve to have a good forever home.”

Garret, Bianca, and Butters

Rescued Dog: Bluebell
Parents: Phil

From the moment Bluebell and I met we had a connection. We were two people getting a new path in life.

I only met her for 15 minutes the 1st night we met and I decided I wanted to try a foster to adopt. Jesse and Brielle were amazing enough to drive her down to Nanaimo for me. It took her an hour to sniff throughout the house and get used to her new surroundings. The 1st night and every night since she has slept right next to me, always having to have a part of her body touching me to let me know she’s here and I there for her.

I was a bit concerned about her getting along with my family members with their stigma of “Pitbulls”. From the moment Bluebell met my parents, nieces and nephew they all fell in love. It’s only been about 3 1/2 weeks but Bluebell feels like she’s been part of my life forever.

She loves to go for walks in the park and has been amazing with other dogs big or small. She is playful and has slowly opened up her heart and comfort level to me and now I will find her rolling around on the bed while I’m out of the room or chasing her tail.

I’m so thankful to Jesse and Brielle for all the hard work they have done for me and Bluebell to make this connection happen.

Thank you from Bluebell and Phil

Rescued Dog: Cameron
Parents: Mark Stannard

Where do I start about our Cameron? Cameron is best described as a gentleman. He is the perfect dog, very affectionate and loves to cuddle and sleep close to you. He walks well off leash and love to play fetch the ball. The kids love him and he loves them and so happy when we are all at home. Jesse at RainCoast Dog Rescue was so easy to work with and made the whole adoption process so enjoyable. We highly recommend RainCoast Dog Rescue to anyone who want to find a great fur-ever dog for their family and home.

Rescued Dog: Reggie
Parents: Sam

At first when I brought Reggie home he was shy, ate very little and was not into any toys I put in front of him. He did however snuggle so much that often my limbs would fall asleep! He is the most loving and gentle natured boy and has been just that from day one. He loves his hikes around the quarry, playing fetch and sneaking kisses on my face! He now eats like a healthy boy, plays with a few select toys and knows this is his forever home. I can’t imagine what my days would be like with out him. Thank you Jesse and Brielle for giving me the best early Christmas present ever! I absolutely love every minute I spend with Reggie. You guys are doing great things with Raincoast and I am forever grateful for my fur baby!  If I can be of any help to your amazing organization please let me know.

Rescued Dog: Bo
Parents: Kris and Kimberly

It’s been 3 months since we brought Bo home, and what an amazing dog he’s been!Brielle was spot in when she recommended that we meet him and from that moment we knew and he knew that this was his forever home.

Jesse and Brielle are so knowledgeable about the dogs and answered all our questions, and addressed the many concerns from my not quite so enthusiastic hubby.

We really could not have asked for better people to get the perfect dog from. I definitely have told all my friends, family, and people who’ve asked about Bo, all about you 2 and the amazing work that you do.

Rescued Dog: Skye
Parents: The Whittals

Well it’s been four weeks since we fostered and then adopted our dog from Jesse and Brielle.  What a journey.  A journey of Counselling and training for both us and Skye, our two year old staffshire terrier mix.  Jesse and Brielle couldn’t have been better support to our family of three boys and Murray and I.  They were there any minute of need, and we’re extremely informative and supportive.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone and would only encourage those looking for a dog to contact them.  Their passion is to help dogs and also help families safetly and comprehensively integrate a new dog into families lives. Thankyou Jesse and Brielle for all you have done for our family and Skye, you are truly amazing people.  We wish you all the best in your future endevours and know you will do great as an amazing team together…

Rescued Dog: Diamond
Parents: Johnnie and Paige

Our experience with RainCoast has been perfect and we love our new family member Diamond. We started off by offering to foster Diamond for a weekend and after just one day we knew we found the perfect dog and decided to adopt. Jesse and Brielle suggested her based on our lifestyle and they couldn’t have been more correct. She is a poster dog for the breed and so easy to love. We enjoy running her in the park and then listening to her snore on the couch. She’s totally a part of our pack now

Rescued Dog: Hank
Parents: Jon and Katie

Hank came into our life 2 1/2 months ago after we fell in love with his profile and picture. We decided we wanted to meet him, and it was love at first face lick. We brought him home that night, and he’s been part of our family ever since. Jesse and Brielle made the adoption process so easy, and were really supportive while we adapted to a new furry family member. Hank’s great demeanour made adjusting easy. Even though he had very little training, he was an extremely fast learner. He enjoys running around with our 3 year old, getting pet by the neighbourhood kids, and long naps on the couch. Getting a dog was a big decision, but now we can’t imagine life without him. Thanks RainCoast for helping us find the perfect dog!