Rescued Dog: Sydney
Parents: Natalie and William

Sydney came to us as a foster near the end of July. Our first impression of her was that she was a timid girl (with the cutest ears!). She practically refused to go inside the house and flinched almost everytime we touched her. A few days after her arrival Sydney became extremely ill with an unknown virus that was not responding to any treatment, and we seriously thought we might lose her forever. Her illness lasted a few weeks, she got weaker and weaker and then miraculously (almost) fully recovered. During this time, she became a part of our family and it was impossible to picture our lives without her. Since our decision to adopt her, Sydney continues to improve every day both physically and psychologically. She is no longer the timid girl she once was and she has blossomed into an amazing, goofy, loving, and confident dog who loves the couch, kibble, treats, her 3 feline siblings and her brother, Levi, who has loved her and shown her what being a dog really can be! She now loves everyone and is always looking to strangers for treats or simply a pat on her head. We love Sydney to death. She follows us everywhere, never leaving our sides, and we don’t want her to! We can’t thank Jesse and Brielle enough for their CONSTANT support throughout Sydney’s illness and afterwards. They have always been there for Sydney and I. They were answering texts or calls at (literally) all hours of the day, assisting us with her many vet visits and other care that Sydney required. They never gave up on Sydney and I am eternally grateful for that, and everything else they have done for us all!

Rescued Dog: Hunter
Parents: Linda

I need to take a minute to thank Jesse and Brielle for giving me the chance to foster to adopt Hunter. I have been trying to adopt a rescue for several years, but with no luck. I suspect due to the fact that I’m single. That’s the only conclusion I could come up. But thanks to Jesse and Raincoast Dog Rescue, I finally have exactly the pup I always wanted. Hunter and I are a perfect match! He has the best disposition, lots of energy, loves to run, and when it’s time to chill, he’s SUPER chill! He’s a total cuddle bug too! Anyone out there looking to save a dog’s life, and give him/her a loving forever home, you need to get in touch with Raincoast Dog Rescue!!!

Rescued Dog: Axel
Parents: Darren

Axel and I are doing very well. Axel is a very clever and intuitive dog. It is amazing how calm and confident he is. I am looking forward to taking him to all the places I used to go with my dogs before they passed. It is great to have a dog again. Thanks so much to jess and brielle for the work you do and for helping axel and I find each other.

Rescued Dog: Addie
Parents: Owen/Shannon

Shannon and I feel like we won the rescue dog lottery when we found Lucy/Addie. She walked through our door and charmed us immediately—she’s a silly, friendly, happy goofball who wakes us up with kisses in the mornings and puts us to bed with cuddles at night.

She loves going for long walks and meeting new friends, both four- and two-legged, and curling up beside me and “helping” me work. Caring for Lucy has brought Shannon and I closer together than we could have ever imagined; really, this wonderful dog has made us into our own little family, and we’re so excited about all the fun we’ll have together in the years ahead. We’ve fallen in love with her already; she’s one special dog, and we wouldn’t trade her for the world.