Rescued Dog: Karma
Parents: Sean C

Adopted!! Yaaay Karma!!

We met Karma and knew she was something special. From her first night in our house we knew she would fit in just fine. She will outrun most at the dog park and out snooze any of us at home, she’s quiet and well mannered, but has an awesome playful side. We couldn’t have asked for a better companion!

Thanks to Jesse and Brielle for bringing her to us. RainCoast Rocks!

Rescued Dog: Ruthie

Adopted!! Yaayyy Ruthie!!

Ruthie has instantly fit into our family and loves laying in the sun and playing in the yard with her big brother cedric. Sometimes she thinks she’s a small dog and crawls right up onto your lap. We’ve been lucky and very happy to have her join our family.

Thank you RainCoast Dog Rescue for all that you do!

Rescued Dog: Bear
Parents: Kristine

Adopted!! Yayyy Bear!!

After I lost my Leonberger to cancer in Oct I came across RainCoast dog rescue. I truly believed in what they stood for. So began the journey that brought me Bear. He started as a foster and I realized within 24 hours of him being at home with me he was the dog who returned the joy in my heart. He is in love with my 2 year old Nephew and they play together like they are best pals. Bear is such a goofy guy and relishes in the joys of just living. We are working on some of his manners, which he sometimes forgets and when he is greeting his doggy friends. All around Bear makes my heart sing and has brought the laughter back into my family life. Thanks Brielle and Jesse for your patience and understanding.

Rescued Dog: Chino
Parents: Natasha M

Yayyyyyy! Chino’s Adopted!

Happy Tail:

There are no words to describe the bond I’ve developed In the short time that I’ve had Chino. I am so grateful that my best friend Brielle and boyfriend Jesse run this amazing dog rescue as it brought me my perfect companion. I thought my life would always be too busy for a dog but I’ve found a way to make it work and take him with me as often as I can. During a recent modelling shoot, he came along with me and eventually started posing in the pictures too. One of them got chosen to be published in the magazine! I love him so much and truly feel we are a perfect match. Thank you RainCoast for all that you do for dogs, friends, and families!

Love, Natasha

Rescued Dog: Kona

Adopted!! Yaaayyy!!

Happy Tail-

My life started out a little ruff but has greatly improved with the help of Raincoast Rescue. My new name is Kona. I am with my forever family who have another fur baby who is named Mac. Mac and I are great friends and he is teaching me lots. We sleep together, share toys, play outside and he is teaching me some more manners – like not getting up on the furniture or trying to see what is up on the counter. I come when I am called to my new name and we spend lots of time together as a family. I am a lucky girl. Thank you to my foster parents for being so good to me until my new family came for me.

Raincoast Rescue does wonderful work – woof woof = thank you in people language, Kona xoxo

Rescued Dog: Mama
Parents: Kendra

Adopted!! Yaaayyy!

Happy Tail-

Hi! Mama is a wonderful addition to our family. She is calm, gentle and a great cuddler. She’s my companion on hikes and loves exploring the forest. Thank you RainCoast for bringing this beautiful soul into our life. ❀

Rescued Dog: Gus
Parents: Brooke

Adopted!! Yaayyy Gus!

Happy Tail –

Sam and I couldn’t imagine life without Gus. From the first day with us Gus has been a stand up gentleman….. So much so that he has been dubbed the “Gentle Giant”. He is Sam’s personal jungle gym.
He has come such a long way and continues to amaze me daily. Jesse and Brielle have been fantastic through the entire foster/adoption process. I really couldn’t have done it with out them. Sam and I thank you very much RainCoast Dog Rescue for our new family member πŸΆπŸ˜„

Rescued Dog: Cassidy
Parents: Jazz

Adopted!! Yaaayy Cassidy!!!

Happy Tail –

When Scott and I first started this journey we never figured we would find such an amazingly perfect girl for our family. Cassidy can be summed up in just that one word, perfect. After scouring through lists of available dogs there was just something about her pictures and write up that we fell in love with, I couldn’t have asked for a better sister for our male pooch Lloyd. Don’t get me wrong I was quite skeptical at first, I know that rescued pooches have had a hard life and could have some issues that arise but not Cass, she’s so smart and so well behaved, she shows Lloyd up all the time! I really couldn’t have asked for a more sweet, affectionate and spunky girl to join our family and I can’t imagine life with out her. ❀
Thank you so much RainCoast Dog Rescue Society!

Rescued Dog: Biggie Smalls
Parents: Jo-Anne

Adopted!! Yaay Biggie Smalls!
(Formerly Bertie)

Happy Tail –

Darcy and I want to thank Jesse and Brielle for bringing Biggie in our lives. He is such a sweet dog and very protective of his little (older) brother Notorious DOG. Darcy can’t sit on the couch without Biggie wanting to cuddle with him. He is such a joy to come home to everyday and he brings a smile to our faces. He is such a great addition to our family. We would recommend RainCoast Dog Rescue to anyone who wants to adopt and understand their new dog. They help you every step of the way.

Thank you again,


Rescued Dog: Bubbles
Parents: The Simpson Family

Adopted!! Yaaayyy Bubbles!!

Happy Tail πŸ˜‰

Bubbles can simply be described as “the perfect family dog” – after the loss of our family dog we weren’t sure we could ever feel that way again about another dog. But once we laid eyes on bubbles, we knew we needed to meet her! From the moment we brought her home during our fostering to adopt period she was so comfortable, gentle and loving. We came to discover very quickly that she is deaf, which at first raised some concerns as we have young kids, but we soon found out it is not at all a handicap – it makes bubbles so easy going, not nervous at all and she hasn’t barked a single time since we brought her home. Our daughters love her, they are inseparable, she’s snuggly and so polite… And definitely a couch hog, snorts and all!

A big thank you to Jesse and Brielle and RainCoast Dog Rescue for rescuing her and trusting us to give her a FURever home. πŸ’—