Rescued Dog: Toby

Adopted!! Yaayyy Toby!
(formerly Snoopy)

Happy Tail-

This is our sweet little Toby! we adopted him in July from RainCoast Dog Rescue. He came from Puerto Vallarta. We fell in love with him from the first moment we met him! he is a little shy, and sticks by our side for fear of losing us, but he has fast become a part of our family!! The first 2 weeks we had him, he didn’t even know how to play…what to do with a ball, or a toy. He’s now romping everywhere, chasing balls, and even has a special stuffy we call “Juan Pablo”. He is wonderful with other dogs, and children. truly a dream to us…we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect addition to our family. Most of the time he just stands there wagging his tail while looking at us. He seems so happy to have a place to belong! THANK YOU, THANK YOU Brielle and Jesse from RainCoast Dog Rescue for allowing us to adopt our wonderful baby! We honestly feel just as rescued as Toby πŸ™‚ <3 Linda Clark & Gary Brown

Rescued Dog: Lou

Adopted!! Yayyy Lou!!

Happy Tail-

Lou was our third foster dog with Raincoast Dog Rescue. All it took was one meeting with a potential family for us to realize there was no way we could let this little guy go. He is so intelligent, well mannered and extremely loving. Our hearts constantly explode with love and pride at how perfect he is! You can usually find Lou chomping on sticks, frolicking on the beach or snuggled up in between us (his favourite spot and where he is currently as we write this). We cannot thank Jesse and Brielle enough for introducing us to our doggie soulmate! We could not imagine our lives without him!

Rescued Dog: Chunk

Adopted!!! Yaaaay Chunk!!

Happy Tail –

Chunk is just one of those dogs that when you see him you can’t help but smile and say “awwwww”. He has such a lovely looking sucky baby face, along with his stocky little body, makes him such a lovable character. This beautiful cross between an English Bulldog and a Staffordshire Terrier make him just a beauty. Chunk loves to play and roughhouse, he has such a silly demeanor and loves to just cuddle up at home as well and snore the night away. I don’t think I could have found a better match for myself and my life then my forever dog Chunk :).

Thank you RainCoast for belong me find my perfect match. 🐢❀️

Rescued Dog: Hero
Parents: Sara

Adopted!! Yaay Hero!!

Happy Tail –

We’ve been wanting a dog for years, but were waiting until we bought a house to get one. We were actually asked “when are you getting a dog?” more than “when are you having kids?” Because our friends and family knew how badly we wanted one. We did a lot of research as to which rescue group to get our new family member from, and were impressed at how Raincoast seemed to care a lot more about quality of home rather than quantity of dogs adopted. When we first met Hero we were so taken by his confident, quiet demeanour, and knew we had to foster him. He’s seriously the best dog. He’s so calm and sweet, and while he is still learning basic commands and how to “dog”, his sweet, mellow personality and perfect leash manners make our job super easy. He’s already made a few doggy friends (plus a hedgehog) and loves being covered in blankets, snoring away next to us. We are looking forward to watching him learn and blossom as he realizes he’s part of our furever family. We picked the perfect dog for us, from the perfect rescue group!! Jesse has been great to work with and its obvious how much he cares about every dog he takes on.

Rescued Dog: Coconut
Parents: Susan

Happy Tail – Coconut’s arrival in our family was a beautiful and an exciting event! Her personality could not be a better match with our family! She is wise, gentle, totally understands rules around the house without us having to do much training and provides so much unconditional love! She is also very patient with the children who smooch her all day long. Coconut came to our life when the children’s dad has started to fade away…. So timing could not be better. She fills a huge void my daughter has carried all her life… It is amazing the transformation she has gone through. I just pray Coconut survives being treated as a new born child πŸ˜…. She is so patient with Alexa. She lays in her bed and “takes” the kisses and the lala by songs. And the cuddling… She is an old soul who came to help my kids…she found us with your help. πŸ˜€. We hope to be the best pet owner by providing her with safety, lots of love, good care and lots of fun!

Thank you Jesse and RainCoast for helping us find Coconut! ❀️🐢

Rescued Dog: Miel
Parents: Jennifer C

Adopted!! Yaaay Miel!

Happy Tail –

Miel came to us from two angels who rescued her from mexico πŸ˜‡ from day 1, she was right at home. She is affectionate, playful, and so eager to please and try new things! She is great with our kids, loves coming in the car on all our adventures, and thoroughly enjoys all the attention! After only a few weeks, she understands basic commands, she LOVES the beach and playing ball, and she runs like a gazelle! So fast!! Our cats were not happy at first, but they have become friends, and she is just the perfect addition to our family. Thanks for bringing her to us RainCoast Dog Rescue! We are so thankful 😊

Rescued Dog: Lily
Parents: Tammy S

Adopted! Yaay Lili!!

Happy Tail –

On Thursday morning,April 16, 2015 I saw a picture on FB of a tiny Chihuahua named Lily. I fell instantly in love & I just knew she was the perfect dog for me. By that evening she was mine! She weighs 3 lbs and has no hair, but I think she is the cutest,sweetest creature ever created. She has brought so much love into my life, and gratitude. I can feel her gratitude and complete devotion with every snuggle and stinky kiss πŸ˜ƒ.
Lily was definitely someone’s well trained little Princess. She heels without being told, & most of the time I don’t even need a leash. She is only a tiny bit timid at first with new people/animals, but she warms up very quickly. She is pee-pad trained & hardly ever barks. I feel like I won the Doggy Lottery ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀

Thanks to Raincoast Dog Rescue for saving this precious little soul! 🐢🐾❀

Rescued Dog: Mikey
Parents: Sebastien - Samuel - Maelle - Eliott

Adopted!! Yaay Mikey!

Happy Tail –

Mikey!! Kind of like my fourth kid. He’s about a year old, a bit of a hand full, and am so happy to have him. We have had our up and downs lol. I have had him for about a month. My kids now absolutely adore him and is getting used to them. He has an awesome personality – even his mischievous and tough dog attitude is endearing. He loves to play and could run all day. He loves to hike and the beach and is attached to me to the hip – it’s cute.
He has been a wonderful welcome to my life and my kids’ life. RainCoast Dog Rescue I really appreciate what you do. – Thanks a lot!!

Sebastien – Samuel – Maelle – Eliott and Mikey ❀🐾🐢

Rescued Dog: Cali
Parents: Connie and Kait

Adopted!! Yaaay Cali!

Happy Tail –

This is princess Cali. I knew she would be a perfect addition to our family of 3. She is sweet and very smart. She wasn’t sure about her new sister Maggie at first but slowly they are becoming friends. She loves the dog park and going off leash, pulling stuffing out of toys, sleeping in the sun, curling up on my lap for a nap. She walks so well on leash I wish Maggie could learn from her!! Already I don’t know what I would do without her. Thank you so much Raincoast Rescue! If there is anything I can help you with please know that I’m here.

Thank you!!! Connie, Kait, Maggie and Cali πŸ’•

Rescued Dog: Kahlua
Parents: Carly and Sam

Adopted!! Yaaaayy Kahlua!!

Happy Tail-

We were so excited to have the opportunity to foster for Raincoast, and once we met Kahlua I knew that we would be the ones to be her forever home. She is the sweetest, kindest little soul that loves all people and animals. She loves to cuddle, and can usually be found sleeping curled up on my pillow, but when she wants to play she’s the goofiest little fox. She fits into our family perfectly, and we’re so thankful to RainCoast Dog Rescue not only for bringing her to us, but also for the awesome work they do in our community and abroad! πŸ™‚