Meet Lucca

Rescued Dog: Lucca

Adopted!! Yaaay Lucca!
(Formerly Austin)

Happy Tail –

Today marks 4 weeks since we brought home our handsome, goofy boy Lucca! Over the month we have had him he has shown more personality daily, he’s the biggest Mama suck & loves his human siblings so very much. He has changed our lives, we couldn’t be happier to have made the choice to foster to adopt him! The second we met him we knew we wouldn’t be giving him back, he stole our hearts. Every new adventure we have he makes us more than proud. He loves his puppy friends, big hikes, naps & following his girls around. Our 5 & 10 year olds love having a fur-brother around for cuddles, a buddy to play with & someone to lick their tears when they’re sad. Thank you Raincoast for our forever friend xo