Meet Gibbs

Rescued Dog:

Adopted!! Yaaay Gibbs!
(Formerly Max)

Happy Tail – I just wanted to share with all of you how my world has changed since coming to the Island. First off, my name was Max but as there was already a Mac living here, my name got changed as it was too confusing for everyone. After a few days, Gibbs became my new name, from Leroy Jethro GIBBS, because I’m sniper-like with my licks and kisses. I have 2 new bffs – Mac who is a yellow lab and Kona who is a bitza who also came from Raincoast. They are teaching me that taking things off the counter and climbing on furniture is not something we do in this home. I’ve learned “sit” and do it when every I can because sometimes there is a treat! We get lots of time playing and running around outside, and I have my own bed. We stick pretty close together. I am still hesitant with strangers and do bark when there are unknowns on the property. I know this is my furever home and I am staying right where I am. I’m a very HAPPY dog!