Meet Bella

Rescued Dog:
Parents: Bella

Adopted!! Yaaay Bella!

Happy Tail-

Well ever since I saw this sweet girls photo on the RainCoast page I fell in love. I renamed her Bella and she seems to really like it. She comes to me when I call her, she loves to go for walks around the golf course and neighborhood, she loves to cuddle and watch my shows with me, and she even has become potty trained within a few days, which I was told she wasn’t very good at to begin with. But she has continued to surprise me around every corner with how amazing and lovely Bella truly is. This poor girl has a rough start at life, but has blossomed into a lovely girl and she will be with me as a part of my family for the rest of her wonderful life that we will get to experience together!

I could not be happier with Jesse and RainCoast dog rescue in how they were so professional and courteous with helping me meet, show love and support Bella and I while I was fostering to adopt her.
Thank you so much! Bless your heart.