Adoptable Marshal

Adoptable Marshal


Meet Adoptable Marshal!

Marshal is a 1.5 year old, male, brindle with white trim, 70lb, Great Dane X Pointer. We don’t know if he’s an English Pointer or German Short Haired Pointer.

When we first got Marshal we were told all sorts of things from people that had known him. We weren’t sure what to believe at first, so we took him on and we have got to know him very well over these last three months. We have fallen in love with the big lug, and we are wanting to find him his perfect home. Marshal is one of the most kind, sweet, affectionate and gentle dogs with a very loving soul. He loves to cuddle with you and rub up for kisses, play with other dogs of all sizes and is very good around them, even if they are rude to him, he tends to be very passive about it all, unless they really go after him, then he will stand up for himself. Marshal is very well house trained and is very good in the crate. He is very food motivated, loves playing with his toys and ball, can run very fast, and he is pretty good on leash, but will pull if he sees wildlife. When he does pull he is quite strong, but he listens well to his person and he is very intelligent. He understands many commands and we believe with his intelligence he has endless learning possibilities to the person that’s willing to show him the way with positive reinforcement training. Marshal is a sensitive boy that will not do well with any type of adverse training tools. His old trainer that worked with him before we got him used a shock collar for months on him and it definitely made Marshal an unconfident and fearful dog of new humans at time. Thankfully, with the right training for the last couple months Marshal has started to really open up positively to strangers. He has done so well now with meeting new people, even excited to met them. Marshal will need an adopter that has large breed experience that is strong, has the time, patience, will and love to help Marshal become an even more confident dog within himself and towards some men. We will only be placing Marshal into a home that has a  secure yard or property with no kids, no cats, and does not have many people coming over at first. We are very proud of this boy and we are excited to find him his perfect home.

If you are serious about wanting to meet and potentially foster to adopt Marshal, please apply at

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