Adoptable Hachi

Adoptable Hachi

Meet Adoptable Hachi!

Hachi is a 2.5 year old, male, 55lb, blonde, Labrador, mixed breed. Hachi is a very sweet dog that’s friendly to people, nice dogs, respectful children and even some cats. He is a silly boy, that has lots of character, that likes to play with his toys and carry them around in his mouth. Hachi is house trained and leash trained, but will need some continued training for desensitization to our city life from his new home. He can be a tad bossy to some dogs at times when playing, but he can improve with some basic training. Hachi will make a very loving companion for almost any home.

Hachi was abused from his previous owner, especially with an E collar (shock collar), so he came to us with a fear of being touched around his neck, like, with his collar being taken off and placed back on. He is now a lot more confident with this, you can touch his neck, but we kindly ask people still go slow and use positive reinforcement to help improve his confidence with his neck being touched.

Hachi was also hit by a car when he was a bit younger and it damaged his hip, so he had to have a femoral head osteotomy surgery that left him with a bit of a limp, but he is all healed up and ready to enjoy the outdoor and active life. He may not be great for a runner, but he can run around on trails and play just fine, he just may need a few more play breaks than some dogs. We do recommend continued joint care supplements for this condition.

This happy-go-boy is ready for adoption on February 29, 2020.

If you’re interested in fostering to adopt Hachi please apply at

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