Adoptable Chase

Adoptable Chase

Meet Adoptable Chase!

Chase is a 10-11 month old, male, 30lb, tri-colour, Shepard, mixed breed. Chase is a very sweet boy that loves to be around you, likes to be around other dogs, other people, and respectful kids included. We aren’t sure about cats at this time. He loves to play with his toys, follow other dogs he knows around outside exploring all the smells, and just relax in the sun. Chase is partially blind and cross eyed, but he really can get around very well. He doesn’t run into walls, he can go up and down a moderate amount of stairs everyday, finds his food and water dish just fine, and he knows where his beds are in the house. Chase does not like the kennel at all, but he does do well left at home for a few hours. He is a very intelligent and determined dog that is inspires us daily with his “never quit” attitude. Chase does have urine incontinence and a low control of his bowel movement at this time because of his lameness and numbness in his back end due to being hit by a car and having his tail cut off, which he is now in physiotherapy rehabilitation for, and we are told he does have a good chance at getting more feeling in his back end and back legs in time which means he may be able to better control his bowel movements in the future. Only time will tell for the nerve endings to have some regenerative growth. Obviously Chase will need a special home that has direct access to a fenced in yard, a decent amount of time at home to spend with him, work with his continued rehabilitation that we will financially cover for the next 5-6 months, and have a set up that is suitable for bathroom mistakes. He really is a joy to have around, especially with the right set up and lifestyle. This sweet boy still patiently awaits his forever home. Will that home be you?

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Chase.

Chase was dumped as a young puppy in the streets. He was then hit by a car and by the time he was found, someone had also cut off his tail, causing sciatic nerve damage which is why he has the lameness and numbness in his back end/ legs. Who would do such a cruel act? This has also lead to him not being able to control his own bladder and bowel movements very well at this time. We have been told by our vet that he can regenerate and regain some more feeling through nerve ending regeneration from physiotherapy and time. Physiotherapy such as hydrotherapy, laser therapy and massage therapy. He’s such a survivor! Did I mention he also is primarily blind and cross eyed? This guy will not quit and is an inspiration to ourselves on the daily.

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