Meet Adoptable Watson

Adoption Pending..

Adoptable Watson!

Here are some words from his foster dad:

Watson is a very affectionate dog who’s full of love to give and receive. He loves to cuddle and spend time with you as much as possible. Watson is good with other dogs, and he doesn’t become obsessive or need to go say hi to every dog he sees. He’s pretty laid back that way. Just be cautious when approaching other new dogs that are overly hyper because sometimes he lacks confidence and can give a little growl, he does good when approached calmly and respectfully. Watson is still a tad bit unsure with new people, but opens up incredibly fast if given treats and love, and he loves hikes, walks on the beach and running, just not in the rain. He’s not a fan. He is house trained, but might have a few accidents until he settles in to a new place. He doesn’t bark much unless people just walk into his place abruptly. He can sit, lie down and also shake a paw, but hasn’t much engaged with any toys yet. He does not like load noises such as vacuums, big bangs, fireworks, etc. Would not go in kennel the first day, haven’t tried since, and he’s been fine to roam the house while I am out and doesn’t chew anything or get into the garbage. He’s had great house manners and with some training, patience and more socializing, he will become a very well rounded dog.

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