Meet Adoptable Rosey

Hey everyone, meet adoptable Rosey!

Rosey is 1.5 year old, female , 45-55lb, all white, Husky. Rosey is a very sweet girl that can be shy at first due to her previous life, but opens up really well with love and patience. She likes nice people and seems to be alright with other nice dogs, as she is in a foster home with one now and wants to play, but she seems to be very curious of cats and other small animals, so perhaps no small animals in the home for her. Rosey likes to go for relaxed walks, adventures and hikes, but she does need to gain more confidence, exposure and desensitization to the world, as she hasn’t had much exposure to it due to her previous life. Rosey will still need a bit of leash training. She is a very beautiful and loving girl that we are sure will become a very well rounded dog if someone is to give sweet Rosey a chance and help her though some training, but she no doubt will thrive. We are kindly requesting no children under 8 years old at this time with Rosey. Rosey is now patiently awaiting her first loving forever home. Will that be yours?

Rosey has had a tough start to life as she was tied up her whole life in a backyard and was used for breeding. We believe Sam and Rosey, who’s in the next post, have had two to three litters together in only her 1.5 years on this earth so far, and that’s a lot for such a young female dog. Sam and Rosey both became depressed, weak and sick and the breeder did not want to pay for any vet bills, so he was about to dump them in the woods, but our rescue partners heard about this and contacted the man, and shortly after they were able to convince him to give them up. We were contacted if we could help take them on to find them forever adopted homes? Without any hesitation, agreed. Rosey and Sam have now been receiving veterinary care for the last 1.5 -2 months while being in foster care, and are now all healthy and happy and excited for their new lives of love and affection.

We will be posting them each individually up for adoption, but would also adopt them as a pair if somebody had the means to care for both.

Foster home here needed for Rosey, or for Sam and Rosey together. Please PM us.

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Rosey.