Meet Adoptable Lionel and Charlie Brown

Meet Adoptable Lionel and Charlie Brown!

Charlie Brown is a 2-3 year old, male, tri-colour, 16lb, Spaniel mixed breed. Lionel is a 3-4 year old, male, 17lb, tan and white, Dachshund mixed breed. These two bonded boys are so adorable and can be so sweet and gentle, they just need to warm up to you first. We have now had these two for two months and we are still going slow with them as they were really traumatized when we took them on. At first they wouldn’t let us touch them at all, they hated even having a harness placed on and would try to nip, especially Charlie, and then a leash being placed on made them panic. We then tried separating them and that didn’t workout to well so we realized they are too bonded to be apart. Charlie and Lionel have since calmed down a lot, will now let you pet them and give them treats from your hand, they will give your hand kisses and they are loving playing with their toys. They are getting very curious and they will come out of their room and explore the house a bit, stare outside, but won’t take that leap to go out still, although, I think we are very close to getting there. Charlie and Lionel will need someone that is very patient, understanding and can go slow. They still are not ready for leash walks so we think if they had a very secure yard to explore they would really flourish with that at the moment. We would be offering constant support and supplies for these two as they keep opening up more and more with the right home. We kindly are asking for a nice home with no kids or dogs at this time, with a secure yard and someone who is willing to continue to go slow and be patient. These two good boys are patiently awaiting their forever home.

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering or fostering to adopt Charlie Brown and Lionel.