Meet Adoptable Lionel and Charlie Brown

We are looking for a special foster home for these two guys, Lionel and Charlie Brown. They seem to be a bonded pair that feel safest only when with one another. Lionel and Charlie Brown are really quite timid and shut down at this time and need a very quiet and patient home to open up in. A home that is with one or two humans max, possibly retired or part time work that has access to a very secure fenced in yard, as these two have no house training, leash training and have possibly never been on a real walk. They panic at even the feeling of a leash and being picked up so it’s going to be slow for them to gain confidence in this area. We have had them for less than two weeks so we know they can open up, it will just take time.

Please message us if you feel you have the time and patience to hangout with these two handsome fellas while they gain confidence and get desensitization.