Meet Adoptable Kovu

Meet Adoptable Kovu!

Kovu is a 4.5-5 month old, male, tan and white, 22lb, Beagle, mixed breed. Kovu is a sweet boy that’s a little shy at first, but opens up quickly and then he becomes quite playful and affectionate. He has been fine with the other dogs he has met. Kovu is just a puppy so he will need all the basic training that any puppy would need. Training such as, potty training, leash training, kennel training, basic commands, socialization and so forth. He would do best in a home that is fairly active and has the time and patience to train a puppy, and we can of course help with that. We haven’t had him around cats yet, so we aren’t sure how that would go. If you feel you have the time and energy to properly raise a puppy please apply. Thank you!

If you want to adopt Kovu please apply at