Meet Adoptable Harry

Meet Adoptable Harry!

Harry is a 5 year, male, 20-25 lb, black, grey and tan, Yorkshire Terrier Mix. Harry is a good boy that likes nice people and other nice dogs outside, and has been ok with kids over 10 years of age. We say this because inside the house Harry can be very protective of his food and toys, as he will run after your foot or leg if you try to take them away or from him or go too close to them, which can in turn end up with him sometime nipping/ biting. This is called resource guarding, and he doesn’t do this every time, but most times. We do believe he can learn to be trained out of this with the right home and training, no doubt in our mind. These issues do stem from previous neglect. Now! When Harry doesn’t have these resources left out he is one of the most sweetest and loving dogs you will meet. He likes to give kisses, cuddle, play and love belly rubs. Harry is potty trained and good on leash, and loves to play outside, even in the snow as you can see here in the picture. He’s a funny boy.

Now we do know that a lot of people are going to see Harry and immediately want him because of his look and breeds, but we are kindly requesting that you read all the info on Harry and really take into consideration what his needs are and the training he will need before applying. We will not be adopting Harry to anyone with young kids or other dogs in the home, as it’s too risky and we won’t set him up to fail. He can make kid and dog friends outside in the neighborhood, just not suited for him home environment. Thank you for your understanding. We truly appreciate it.

If you’re interested in fostering to adopt Harry please apply at