Meet Adoptable Frankie

Meet Adoptable Frankie!

Frankie is a male, 25lb, 11 month old, reddish brown, Dachshund X Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Frankie is a very cuddly boy that loves to snuggle up with you and under covers on the couch and bed, wherever he can. He walks well on a leash and loves socializing with other nice dogs and humans, he has shown no reactivity issues. Frankie can be a bit of a jumper at first when he sees kids playing or wanting to say hi, it’s out of excitement but he could knock down toddlers, although he does live in the house with a 10 year old now and does well with him. Perhaps no kids under 8 for Frankie. He loves to play fetch, although he doesn’t always want to give back the ball after. He loves tug of war and all the belly rubs as well. Frankie is vocal when he hears noises outside, he does well in his crate for about 2 hours and then he starts to get a bit anxious.
He he is a good eater, loves going to the groomer to get his nails clipped and has no issues with water and he will be jumping into a shower when it is running. Frankie is a good boy that still needs a bit of basic training to help make him the best well rounded dog he can be. No cats for Frankie please. This adorable stocky boy is now patiently awaiting his new forever home.

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Frankie.