Meet Adoptable Epcot

Everyone meet Epcot!

Epcot is a 6 year old, male , black, 55-60lb, Pointer X Lab mixed breed. Epcot enjoys nice walks, low to medium level hikes, playing, and his specialty, cuddling. He listens well and does pretty good on leash, and has done very well with other dogs as he lives with hundreds, but he is a very submissive and relaxed dog and he now is being picked on by some of the other dogs at the shelter and he’s getting depressed. So we want to get him out of there as soon as we can. He has such a gentle soul and disposition and he loves people and respectful kids and would be good for a family environment, or any one really. Epcot is is not fully house trained yet so he will need some help there, but he learns fast and we can help. We are not sure about Epcot and cats yet. This handsome fella will be a very loving companion and cuddle buddy for anyone who adopts him.

Epcot has lived at the BETA shelter for 5 years now as he was originally dumped in the streets with severe mange and was in alot of pain, then found by BETA and given immediate medical care and he has been at the shelter since. This gentle boy has a zero chance of adoption in Lebanon.

Please apply at if you would like to foster to adopt Epcot