Meet Adoptable Ebah


Meet Adoptable Ebah!

Ebah is a female, brown and black, 3 year old, 70-80lb, German Rottweiler. This girl is absolutely beautiful. She comes to us from Southern Vancouver Island and was originally born here as well. Ebah is a sweet girl that tragically lived a very neglected and abusive life out in the country since she was a puppy. Her and her sister Rain were confined to a very small area in the garage and outside the house living in inhumane conditions with little to no shelter while being underfed since they were puppies. It is truly heartbreaking and upsetting to think about what these two girls has to endure for years. When looking for adopters will need someone that can help slowly ease Rain into the world out there and show her there is nothing to be afraid of through slow rehabilitation. She can be a bit timid and lacks confidence at first when she meets you, but with some treats and going slow she does well, and you can tell she really craves love and giving back it in return. Ebah has only met two dogs in her time so far, her sister Rottweiler and a Chihuahua in the house and has been fine with them, but Ebah will need slow socialization and desensitizing to become the confident, outgoing and happy dog she is destined to be. We kindly ask only adopters apply that have large breed experience, are active, no other dogs for now, a house or property with a fenced yard, and no cats please. Thank you so much.

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