Meet Adoptable Ebah

Meet Adoptable Ebah!

Ebah is a 3 year old, female, black and orange, 80lb, German Rottweiler. Ebah has come back to us from her foster to adopt home. She did so well with their dog and them too and was loving the property life. Ebah barks at the door and people when they come in we were told, and they weren’t willing to work with her with our help. That was tough to hear for sure. Ebah didn’t hurt anyone or anything, simply just needed a little help is all. Luckily, her new foster home has already placed in the work and has had great success with her and new people coming into the home. She’s doing great!

Ebah is a very sweet dog that loves affection and cuddles, and she may follow you around a bit too. She has done good with other dogs and can be a tad hesitant of new people, but she warms up well. Ebah likes to go for walks and hikes, and just to hangout in the sun. She just never was exposed to people, other dogs or anything outside for years before we rescued her, but she has done very well considering and continues to open up and learn quickly. Ebah would do best in a house with a fenced yard or property without young kids to start, but a nice dog would be ok. We are not sure about cats yet. She will make a very loving and loyal member to a home and family.

If you would like to foster to adopt Ebah please apply at