Meet Adoptable Diego

Meet Adoptable Diego!

Diego is a 12-13 year old, blonde, 14-16lb, male, Papillon X Chihuahua.

Words from previous owner:

“He has beautiful eyes and cute Grinch like feet, floppy ears and beautiful fluffy tail that goes around in circles. He is a good boy.

He was picked up by the Victoria Animal Control Services along a roadside in July in the Greater Victoria area. They concluded that he was about 12 to 13 years old. At the time he had only 10 teeth left and they were in very bad shape along with his gums. His last 10 teeth were removed and at the same time they neutered him.

Since that time Diego has been examined by a Vet and declared healthy. Also he was given the necessary vaccines and has been de-wormed. He sneezes a lot and it’s thought that it’s because his teeth were removed. He has an old wound on his right cheek which does not bother him.

What I have learned about Diego is that he is a good dog. He does not bark or whine while I’m out nor does he beg for food while I’m eating my dinner. Diego knows what “No” means but may not always obey. He sleeps a lot. Also he is not much into cuddling. When I pick him up and put on the sofa with me he will lay beside me and relish the petting and brushing, but will soon move down to the other end of the sofa to sleep. When he wants to go out he makes it clear by staring at me and making a funny little howling sound. He just loves being outside and he likes to sniff everything. He is very energetic.

He is a runner so I can never let him out of his harness or off his lead. What he needs is a fenced in back yard where he can feel free to do his dog thing.

Diego has had some trauma as he doesn’t like to be picked up. However, I have been able to pick him up as long as show him my hands and slowly place them around his rib cage. Any lower, he yelps and tries to bite. In the same way he doesn’t like to be pulled back even if your hands are about his chest. I believe he likes and trusts women more than men, but he certainly likes the man across the hall. I’m not sure that he would be good around children.

Usually when I take him to the park I let him do whatever he wants but when coming home I have taught him to focus on getting all the way home.

When at the park I try to avoid other dogs, particularly dogs larger than Diego as he has gotten into confrontations with them. He does like some little dogs and will greet them nicely.

Diego wants to go out about every 3 hours during the day to pee. When we are out for the last time before bed I like to have him pee at least 4 times. Then he will last the night from 10 pm to 7 am without an accident. However, he has had accidents at times. Diego is very patient while being bathed.

Being that he has no teeth he has to be fed canned food. If there are chunks of meat in it I will mash them up with a fork. Even the pates I mash up and warm up in the micro for 7 or 8 seconds so he can eat easily. I also feed him dry food that I soak in water or broth for an hour or so. I buy him Cesar Soft Treats but I also soak them as well. When he comes in from a long walk he likes to have those treats. He loves cheese which has been cut up into small cubes.”

If you’re interested in fostering to adopt Diego please apply at
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