Meet Adoptable Chi Chi


Meet Adoptable Chi Chi!

Chi Chi is a 1 year old, male, black and brown, 22lb, mixed breed (Possible Formosan mix)
He is a very beautiful and sweet boy that has a very relaxed and laid back composure in the home. He is a very intelligent dog that can be quite timid at first, but relaxes and opens up well pretty quick with gentle pets and love. He is kind to people and even gentle kids, but would do best with relaxed home that is calm. Outside busy areas and loud noises can scare him at first and he can sometimes slightly panic and try to go each way from being nervous, but he can calm down and go for a nice walk in preferably quiet areas to start. He will need someone to go slow with him and watch he doesn’t try to escape out of the house in the beginning. He’s always been kind to other dogs, people and even strangers, as he lived with many dogs in a foster home in Taiwan. He would maybe do best in a home with a couple or a person that’s active, but relaxed. Even an older couple or person would suit his needs as well. Chi Chi has been around cats, but seems to be afraid of them and will hide if he is approached by them.

Chi Chi was abandoned in the park along with his other siblings. A lady who usually feeds the stray dogs in the park found them and took them in. They were all adopted soon after, however, Chi Chi was returned for being too kind to strangers. The family said he is not a great guard dog so they returned him. The lady would love to find him a home in Canada. He has a gentle soul and he definitely deserves better, a family with patience.

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