Meet Adoptable Blu

Meet Adoptable Blu!

Blu is a male, 6 year old, brindle and white, 55lb, Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Blu comes to us from Montreal, Canada and unfortunately his family has to move to Europe and he can’t come. So we are helping find him a new home in the next two weeks as time is of the essence. Blu is a really sweet boy that loves his family and two little best friends. Blu loves to swim and go for walks, hikes and all sorts of adventures. He is fully house trained and knows many commands. Blu can pull on leash at first but calms down within a few minutes. He has done so well with kids and small dogs. He can be fine with respectful female dogs as well, but he is reactive towards larger male dogs. The reason behind this is because Blu was attacked by a large breed male dog in the past and that left him with a nervousness of larger male dogs. Blu has never hurt another dog or person and has always been very gentle. We just suggest no large male dogs for Blu. With a responsible owner, positive reinforcement, counter conditioning, and a desensitization style of training we believe Blu is fully capable of trusting larger male dogs again. Consistent training will achieve this. He is very food motivated which has him running across the room for a treat, but he also is very smart and he can be trained and taught. This handsome boy really needs a new loving home before it’s too late.

If we can get a responsible foster here on Vancouver Island or in Vancouver we will fly him right out and to safety. We don’t want him to end up in a shelter in Quebec. He won’t last long there 😢.

If you’re interested in fostering or fostering to adopt Blu please message us and apply at