Meet Adoptable Astra

Meet Adoptable Astra!

RainCoast is proud and happy to announce we will be working with the community in Bella Bella to better help animals in need. This is a remote community with no proper access to veterinary care so it can sometimes be hard on the animals and their owners to get the services their animals need. That’s why these partnerships within communities are so important. Our first dog we are helping is this beautiful girl…Everyone, meet Astra!

Astra is a 2 year old, female, 50-65lb, all white, Husky mix. Astra was raised within a family in a remote community and ha also spent some time on a tether. She can be a little high strung and energetic, but that’s normal for a Husky. She has a very sweet and kind demeanor, likes people for sure, not sure about cats or small children yet, but she seems to be ok with respectful dogs of all sizes, she just hasn’t had much interaction with other dogs or people until a few days ago, so we are taking it slow with her. If another dog lashes out at her she may respond, but she has also been learning to just walk away and has been doing well. She really enjoys her walks and exploring, as well as her time at home on her bed enjoying her chews and relaxing. Astra at this time has no off leash recall whatsoever and she need to be kept on a leash outside at all times until she can get more training. Astra is really a great dog that just needs some slow exposure and desensitization to the world and she will become a very well rounded dog. Astra will need a fairly relaxed home to start with no cats or kids under 7 please. Thank you.

If you’re interested in fostering to adopt Astra please apply at