Meet Adoptable Joey and Nina

Meet Adoptable Joey and Nina!

Hey everyone! We are taking on these two, local island girls that are super sweet, senior, Chihuahua mixes. Unfortunately, their dad passed away and the family at this time does not have the ability to take them on long term, so we will be helping find them a new forever home. These two senior lovelies have been together for 12 years and really just need a nice relaxed home to retire in. We are hoping to adopt them out together.
This is Joey, she is a 12 year old female, tan and white trim, 6-8 lb, Chihuahua/Terrier mix. Joey is a very intelligent and loving girl that just wants to follow you around and cuddle up beside you. She does not like being left alone and will bark in the home when left alone for the first bit. Joey likes to chase things randomly so best she is on a leash. However, they have started taking her to the off leash dog park and she does great. But, if you are just sitting around and someone walks by she may bark and run for them. She is all bark and no bite, but still, you need to be mindful of it. She gets Nina going too so they can be double trouble, but they’re so small they are easily controlled on leash. If Nina is by herself without Joey on a walk, you rarely hear a peep out of her. Nina just loves everyone.

This is Nina, she is a 12 year old, female, 10lb, white with brown spots, Chihuahua/ Chinese Crested mixed breed. She is a total cuddle bug and is very well behaved in the house and outside. She’s very easy to manage and to care for. Nina byJust pet her tummy all day and she is a happy girl, she really is a great little doggy.

If you’re interested in fostering to adopt these two senior girls please apply at: