Meet Adoptable Gus!

Gus is a 3 year old, male, reddish orange, 40-45lb, purebred Chow. This handsome lion comes to us from the mainland and he is a sweet boy that likes to just hangout and cuddle when he’s at home, perhaps pick up a toy for a bit, or just hangout at the window and watch the world go by. He is really laid back and doesn’t seem to have any separation anxiety. When Gus is outside he likes to go for walks and adventures, sniffing all the good sniffs while doing his own thing, although he can pull on leash and will need some continued training with his leash pulling, and he thinks the halty is his worse enemy and will stubbornly battle to get it off of you choose to use it. Gus seems to be friendly with other dogs, but kinda keeps to himself after meeting them. When new people come over to Gus’s house he can be a bit standoffish at first, maybe give you a little growl, but it’s a Chow thing. Gus gets over it and all is well, he does not try to bite anyone, he just needs to make sure your someone safe in his territory. We are not sure how Gus is with kids or cats yet, but we are requesting neither at this time please, and he has had one owner since 8 weeks of age and was not abused, he was very well loved and cared for his whole life. If you have Chow experience that is great, if not, please research the breed before applying. Thank you. This golden lion is now looking for his forever home.

Please note: Gus is not neutered yet and will be in the next two weeks. We just want to get applications in now to get things started towards his new home.

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Gus.

Meet Adoptable Ebah!

Ebah is a 3 year old, female, black and orange, 80lb, German Rottweiler. Ebah has come back to us from her foster to adopt home. She did so well with their dog and them too and was loving the property life. Ebah barks at the door and people when they come in we were told, and they weren’t willing to work with her with our help. That was tough to hear for sure. Ebah didn’t hurt anyone or anything, simply just needed a little help is all. Luckily, her new foster home has already placed in the work and has had great success with her and new people coming into the home. She’s doing great!

Ebah is a very sweet dog that loves affection and cuddles, and she may follow you around a bit too. She has done good with other dogs and can be a tad hesitant of new people, but she warms up well. Ebah likes to go for walks and hikes, and just to hangout in the sun. She just never was exposed to people, other dogs or anything outside for years before we rescued her, but she has done very well considering and continues to open up and learn quickly. Ebah would do best in a house with a fenced yard or property without young kids to start, but a nice dog would be ok. We are not sure about cats yet. She will make a very loving and loyal member to a home and family.

If you would like to foster to adopt Ebah please apply at

Adoption Pending..

Meet Adoptable Louie!

Louie is a a sweet, 5 month old, black, male, 18lb, medium breed mix (Taiwanese Formosan Mountain Dog mix). Louie will be about 38-45 lbs full grown. Louie likes other dogs, warms up to children and women pretty well, but can take a bit longer to warm up to males as he has had a lack of exposure to males in his life so far. We are kindly looking for a home that understands that all Louie needs is some time, patience and love to come around and fully open up to any males in the home. He is still learning to walk on leash confidently in a big outdoor world, but he’s learning well. Louie does well in the home and loves to play with his toys and cuddle up in blankets on your bed, the couch or in his kennel. Louie is a very smart and active boy.

If you feel you are ready to adopt and are willing to place in the work needed to help Louie gain confidence, and please really think about this as we don’t want this poor boy to come back again.

We kindly ask you apply at:

Meet Adoptable Harry!

Harry is a 5 year, male, 20-25 lb, black, grey and tan, Yorkshire Terrier Mix. Harry is a good boy that likes nice people and other nice dogs outside, and has been ok with kids over 10 years of age. We say this because inside the house Harry can be very protective of his food and toys, as he will run after your foot or leg if you try to take them away or from him or go too close to them, which can in turn end up with him sometime nipping/ biting. This is called resource guarding, and he doesn’t do this every time, but most times. We do believe he can learn to be trained out of this with the right home and training, no doubt in our mind. These issues do stem from previous neglect. Now! When Harry doesn’t have these resources left out he is one of the most sweetest and loving dogs you will meet. He likes to give kisses, cuddle, play and love belly rubs. Harry is potty trained and good on leash, and loves to play outside, even in the snow as you can see here in the picture. He’s a funny boy.

Now we do know that a lot of people are going to see Harry and immediately want him because of his look and breeds, but we are kindly requesting that you read all the info on Harry and really take into consideration what his needs are and the training he will need before applying. We will not be adopting Harry to anyone with young kids or other dogs in the home, as it’s too risky and we won’t set him up to fail. He can make kid and dog friends outside in the neighborhood, just not suited for him home environment. Thank you for your understanding. We truly appreciate it.

If you’re interested in fostering to adopt Harry please apply at

Meet adoptable Molly!

Molly is a 12-13 year old, female, tri-colour, 45-50lb, mixed breed. This sweet senior girl is one of the coolest dogs you’ll ever meet and she has so much life left in her, you would never know she’s her age. Molly loves, loves, loves to play ball anytime of day and night. It’s her favorite thing in the world. Molly is a dog that just needs a nice and quiet home that likes to go for walks, simple hikes, and of course to throw her back for her, but she also likes to relax at home and just hangout and cuddle and nap. Molly does pretty good on leash and is fully house trained, and she is in good health as well. She would do best as the only dog in the home, she has made dog friends before, but she really prefers to be left alone by other dogs and we want to respect that. She just needs a nice and simple, no drama life retirement life of love. Will you be the one for Molly?

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Molly.

Meet Adoptable Bruce!

Bruce is a black, male, 17 lb, Terrier mix. Bruce is a very funny boy that loves to run around in the backyard and play with his toys, go for walks and little adventures, and to just snuggle. Bruce is best suited in a single dog home with no kids, and someone with dog experience, patience and time. He really is a sweet boy, but he can be tricky at times. He has bitten people and other dogs before. We know to most this sounds bad, and we don’t condone it, but he has gotten better, but his triggers aren’t very clear sometimes. People must be aware if they are having people over, not letting him off leash in public, and not allowing kids or cats around him. He just needs one owner that understands certain dog behaviors and are willing to just keep things simple for him. We just hope someone out there can give him another chance at life, as he doesn’t have many options out there for him. He is being surrendered back to us after a year.

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Bruce.

Meet Adoptable Suay!

This lovely girl comes to us from Southern Vancouver Island and she is a beauty! Suay is a 13 month old, female, 50-55 lb, cream and black, mixed breed. Suay is a very sweet girl that was an owner surrender, as they just didn’t have the time she needed. She loves to chase her ball, chases cats, excellent house manners, loves car rides, walks and adventures. She has been friendly with the friendly dogs she has met, but won’t back down to a dog trying to challenge her. Suay has been good with the fosters kid and his friends, and with their Chihuahua. She was also with a lab in a home and did well. She just needs a few minutes to get to know a human first, as she can be nervous of new people, more so men, and protective of her owners and property. Suay likes to run, play, and go for adventures of all kinds. She is learning leash manners and she’s a very smart girl, so she will learn fast. Suay will need an active outdoor lifestyle home with property and someone who can continue to train her so she can become the best doggy she can. Stay is not suited for condos or apartments. No puppies please. This baby girl is now patiently awaiting her forever home.

Please apply at if your interested in fostering to adopt Suay.

Meet Adoptable Hatch!

Hatch is a 2-2.5 year old, male, 60- 65 lb, brindle, American Staffy X Greyhound. Hatch is one of the most gentle and loving souls you will ever meet. He is a major cuddler, hugger, and loves to give kisses He’s a tall and lean boy that can run like the wind and jump very high, with a funny personality to match. Hatch is good with other nice dogs and loves all sorts of people. Hatch can sometimes react back at a dog being rude to him. Here you see him with his foster sister Lucha. Hatch was once used as a hunting dog in Quebec, but wasn’t the best at it. He does have a prey drive for fast moving small animals like bunnies and squirrels, but is fine with nice small breed dogs. Hatch has had a couple traumatic experiences with a dog before, but has recovered and has kept his loving and gentle temperament and soul. Hatch would do best with very active people, that love to give affection, a home with a high fenced backyard that doesn’t have any cats or kids under 10. He’s just too big for small kids. This boy was rescued by us from a shelter Montreal, Quebec when the BSL law was still in effect, to which he was at risk of euthanasia.

This amazing boy really deserves the best home.

Please private message us and apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Hatch.