Meet Adoptable Diego!

Diego is a 12-13 year old, blonde, 14-16lb, male, Papillon X Chihuahua.

Words from previous owner:

“He has beautiful eyes and cute Grinch like feet, floppy ears and beautiful fluffy tail that goes around in circles. He is a good boy.

He was picked up by the Victoria Animal Control Services along a roadside in July in the Greater Victoria area. They concluded that he was about 12 to 13 years old. At the time he had only 10 teeth left and they were in very bad shape along with his gums. His last 10 teeth were removed and at the same time they neutered him.

Since that time Diego has been examined by a Vet and declared healthy. Also he was given the necessary vaccines and has been de-wormed. He sneezes a lot and it’s thought that it’s because his teeth were removed. He has an old wound on his right cheek which does not bother him.

What I have learned about Diego is that he is a good dog. He does not bark or whine while I’m out nor does he beg for food while I’m eating my dinner. Diego knows what “No” means but may not always obey. He sleeps a lot. Also he is not much into cuddling. When I pick him up and put on the sofa with me he will lay beside me and relish the petting and brushing, but will soon move down to the other end of the sofa to sleep. When he wants to go out he makes it clear by staring at me and making a funny little howling sound. He just loves being outside and he likes to sniff everything. He is very energetic.

He is a runner so I can never let him out of his harness or off his lead. What he needs is a fenced in back yard where he can feel free to do his dog thing.

Diego has had some trauma as he doesn’t like to be picked up. However, I have been able to pick him up as long as show him my hands and slowly place them around his rib cage. Any lower, he yelps and tries to bite. In the same way he doesn’t like to be pulled back even if your hands are about his chest. I believe he likes and trusts women more than men, but he certainly likes the man across the hall. I’m not sure that he would be good around children.

Usually when I take him to the park I let him do whatever he wants but when coming home I have taught him to focus on getting all the way home.

When at the park I try to avoid other dogs, particularly dogs larger than Diego as he has gotten into confrontations with them. He does like some little dogs and will greet them nicely.

Diego wants to go out about every 3 hours during the day to pee. When we are out for the last time before bed I like to have him pee at least 4 times. Then he will last the night from 10 pm to 7 am without an accident. However, he has had accidents at times. Diego is very patient while being bathed.

Being that he has no teeth he has to be fed canned food. If there are chunks of meat in it I will mash them up with a fork. Even the pates I mash up and warm up in the micro for 7 or 8 seconds so he can eat easily. I also feed him dry food that I soak in water or broth for an hour or so. I buy him Cesar Soft Treats but I also soak them as well. When he comes in from a long walk he likes to have those treats. He loves cheese which has been cut up into small cubes.”

If you’re interested in fostering to adopt Diego please apply at
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Meet Adoptable Diego!

(Diego’s adoption will be placed on hold until we can figure out what his few lumps are on his body. We will accept applications, we just can’t adopt him out yet. We will be kindly asking for help with fundraising for his medical needs. )

Diego is a 10-11 year old, male, brindle and white, 60lb, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, mixed breed. He comes to us from Vancouver Island where we worked with Coastal Animal Control to help get him out. Diego is a really sweet and loving boy that really likes to be close to you, wants to cuddle, and will gladly disperse kisses when given the chance. He does need some confidence building in regard to him being outside around a lot of people and other dogs, cars and so on, but he’s making progress each day. He has had a bit of a rough go at life lately, but he’s sure opened up and has shown a very nice temperament towards people, hasn’t show any reactivity towards other dogs, although we are going slow still. He seems to be a tad leery of children, more so to their fast movements and noise. Diego is pretty good on leash, is house trained, and does well left alone in the home outside of a kennel, he just looks for the nearest couch or dog bed to snooze on. He has been good with eating his food, if you touch his paws or ears, and when you ask him to do something. Diego likes to go for walks, little hikes and little adventures, but he doesn’t need much exercise to make him tired, as he is a senior boy. We really can’t say enough nice things about this gentle soul, he just needs a bit of reassurance along the way as he becomes more confident each day. We believe he would do best at this time in a fairly relaxed home with no kids. Someone who has time to spend with him and really make a bond. Diego is now accepting applications for his new home.

Please apply at if you’re interested in meeting Diego to see if he would be a good fit for your lifestyle and him yours.


Meet Adoptable Jonah!

Jonah is a 1-1.5 year old, male, black with white trim, 50lb, Shepard, Labrador and Terrier mixed breed. Jonah is a very sweet boy that loves to get attention and follow you around, and does sometimes whine a little when he’s not with you. He’s a friendly boy with other dogs and people, and loves to go for walks, hikes and adventures. He is an active dog that loves to get outside and play as well, and would need an active person that has the time. He does pretty good on leash, is house trained, but may need a few days in a new home to find his bearings, and he does fairly well in his crate, again, just a little whining to start. We haven’t had a chance to see how Jonah is around cats or kids, a lot would depend on the cats and kids as well. But he seems like he may have the demeanor to be suitable for the right ones. Jonah is a really good boy that needs a very affectionate home that can help him or forward with some basic training and good exercise. He is now happily awaiting his new forever home.

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering or fostering to adopt Jonah.

Meet Adoptable Lionel and Charlie Brown!

Charlie Brown is a 2-3 year old, male, tri-colour, 16lb, Spaniel mixed breed. Lionel is a 3-4 year old, male, 17lb, tan and white, Dachshund mixed breed. These two bonded boys are so adorable and can be so sweet and gentle, they just need to warm up to you first. We have now had these two for two months and we are still going slow with them as they were really traumatized when we took them on. At first they wouldn’t let us touch them at all, they hated even having a harness placed on and would try to nip, especially Charlie, and then a leash being placed on made them panic. We then tried separating them and that didn’t workout to well so we realized they are too bonded to be apart. Charlie and Lionel have since calmed down a lot, will now let you pet them and give them treats from your hand, they will give your hand kisses and they are loving playing with their toys. They are getting very curious and they will come out of their room and explore the house a bit, stare outside, but won’t take that leap to go out still, although, I think we are very close to getting there. Charlie and Lionel will need someone that is very patient, understanding and can go slow. They still are not ready for leash walks so we think if they had a very secure yard to explore they would really flourish with that at the moment. We would be offering constant support and supplies for these two as they keep opening up more and more with the right home. We kindly are asking for a nice home with no kids or dogs at this time, with a secure yard and someone who is willing to continue to go slow and be patient. These two good boys are patiently awaiting their forever home.

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering or fostering to adopt Charlie Brown and Lionel.

Meet Adoptable Chase!

Chase is a 10-11 month old, male, 30lb, tri-colour, Shepard, mixed breed. Chase is a very sweet boy that loves to be around you, likes to be around other dogs, other people, and respectful kids included. We aren’t sure about cats at this time. He loves to play with his toys, follow other dogs he knows around outside exploring all the smells, and just relax in the sun. Chase is partially blind and cross eyed, but he really can get around very well. He doesn’t run into walls, he can go up and down a moderate amount of stairs everyday, finds his food and water dish just fine, and he knows where his beds are in the house. Chase does not like the kennel at all, but he does do well left at home for a few hours. He is a very intelligent and determined dog that is inspires us daily with his “never quit” attitude. Chase does have urine incontinence and a low control of his bowel movement at this time because of his lameness and numbness in his back end due to being hit by a car and having his tail cut off, which he is now in physiotherapy rehabilitation for, and we are told he does have a good chance at getting more feeling in his back end and back legs in time which means he may be able to better control his bowel movements in the future. Only time will tell for the nerve endings to have some regenerative growth. Obviously Chase will need a special home that has direct access to a fenced in yard, a decent amount of time at home to spend with him, work with his continued rehabilitation that we will financially cover for the next 5-6 months, and have a set up that is suitable for bathroom mistakes. He really is a joy to have around, especially with the right set up and lifestyle. This sweet boy still patiently awaits his forever home. Will that home be you?

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Chase.

Chase was dumped as a young puppy in the streets. He was then hit by a car and by the time he was found, someone had also cut off his tail, causing sciatic nerve damage which is why he has the lameness and numbness in his back end/ legs. Who would do such a cruel act? This has also lead to him not being able to control his own bladder and bowel movements very well at this time. We have been told by our vet that he can regenerate and regain some more feeling through nerve ending regeneration from physiotherapy and time. Physiotherapy such as hydrotherapy, laser therapy and massage therapy. He’s such a survivor! Did I mention he also is primarily blind and cross eyed? This guy will not quit and is an inspiration to ourselves on the daily.

Meet Adoptable Toto and Rufus!

(Toto is on the left and Rufus on the right)

Toto is a wire haired, male, 15-16 lb, tan and cream, Terrier mixed breed. Rufus is a two tone brown, 10 lb, male, Chihuahua, mixed breed. They are both really sweet and funny doggies that love to play, go for walks, and are good left in the home. They do well on leash and are still getting used to busy environments. Toto and Rufus like nice people and other dogs, but pretty much stick to themselves when it comes to playing. The boys are leash reactive sometimes to other dogs, but it’s all noise and they settle down well with good exercise and some positive reinforcement training. They seem to be just fine with other dogs off leash though. Toto and Rufus would do best in a home with no kids or kids over 8, no cats, and no maybe other dogs we are thinking. We will definitely be keeping these two boys together. They are so bonded that it’s more like having one dog around, rather than two.
These two very bonded boys once had a family but were recently surrendered by their family to the busy shelter. We got them out and now they are with us and

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Toto and Rufus.

Meet Adoptable Bugsy!

Bugsy is a 4 year old, male, all white, 10-12 lb, Chihuahua, mixed breed. Bugsy is a very sweet boy that can be a bit shy and timid at first, but warms up pretty quick in a nice and quiet home. He does well in the home and is very relaxed and quiet for the most part. Bugsy loves to just relax in your lap, on the couch or in his dog bed. He does alright in walks and likes to sniff around and explore, but he gets nervous when other dogs run up on him on walks. Bugsy is good with other dogs, he just likes them to go slow. He would do best in a quiet and relaxed home, with only one or two persons, no kids, cats and another gentle dog would be fine. Bugsy came from the streets where he wasn’t treated so well by someone that had him, but he is doing a lot better now. This sweet and gentle boy would love to find his forever home where he can just relax and take it easy without lots of noises or busyness.

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Bugsy.


Meet Adoptable Luna!

Luna is a 2 year old, female, 50-55lb, all black, Formosan Mountain Dog, mixed breed. Luna came to us as a puppy and has recently been surrendered back to us and an adult, so she has had house training. Luna is a very sweet and intelligent girl, that is also very shy and timid at first. She takes a while to warm up to you, but she will allow you to pet her and take her for a walk, which she enjoys, she just doesn’t start to show affection to you until she settles in and that could take a few days or more. When she does open up, she’s really sweet. Luna is very quiet in the home for the most part and she does well left alone. She has been around other dogs and seems to be doing fine for the most part, but she can be shy of some dogs or just doesn’t want to meet them. Luna would do best in a very relaxed home with someone who has patience and time, likes to go for nice walks and little hikes, that doesn’t have a lot of visitors. This naturally cautious girl with a gentle heart and demeanor is now patiently awaiting her forever home.

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Luna.

Meet Adoptable Tulip!

Tulip is a 2 year old, female, 50-60lb, black and tan, Mixed breed. Possible Shepard and Husky mix. Tulip is a very loving and sensitive girl that was dumped on the road and left by her owners when she was just a 8 week old puppy. She was found a short time later and was brought to the shelter and since then she has been at the shelter around many dogs patiently awaiting her forever home. She was once attacked at the shelter by a few dogs and since then it has left her with a lack of confidence a bit with new dogs meeting her. She is not reactive or aggressive, she likes people and dogs, she just needs to go slow at first. It’s a confidence thing. Tulip bonds really closely with her guardian. She is incredibly smart, loyal and affectionate and she does like to play with other dogs, but she needs a slow introduction first as she’s a bit shy and timid to start, but she warms up well after a few minutes and loves to play, if the mood is presentable for it. Tulip is a bit whiny in the home if left alone, but she’s not destructive at all, she just wants to always be with you. She is kennel trained for the most part and she has started to enjoy shorter car rides, as she was not used to a vehicle until recently. We are not sure about Tulip and cats and prefers to not be around a lot of kids. Tulip will need a relaxed home that’s patient and understanding on her needing to gain more confidence and desensitization to the big world outside of a shelter. So far she has been doing well being here, but needs continued guidance and support for her to blossom to her full potential. Will you be that home for Tulip?

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering or fostering to adopt Tulip.