Meet Adoptable Kovu!

Kovu is a 4.5-5 month old, male, tan and white, 22lb, Beagle, mixed breed. Kovu is a sweet boy that’s a little shy at first, but opens up quickly and then he becomes quite playful and affectionate. He has been fine with the other dogs he has met. Kovu is just a puppy so he will need all the basic training that any puppy would need. Training such as, potty training, leash training, kennel training, basic commands, socialization and so forth. He would do best in a home that is fairly active and has the time and patience to train a puppy, and we can of course help with that. We haven’t had him around cats yet, so we aren’t sure how that would go. If you feel you have the time and energy to properly raise a puppy please apply. Thank you!

If you want to adopt Kovu please apply at

Meet Adoptable Chase!

Chase is a 10-11 month old, male, 30lb, tri-colour, Shepard, mixed breed. Chase is a very sweet boy that loves to be around you, likes to be around other dogs, other people, and respectful kids included. We aren’t sure about cats at this time. He loves to play with his toys, follow other dogs he knows around outside exploring all the smells, and just relax in the sun. Chase is partially blind and cross eyed, but he really can get around very well. He doesn’t run into walls, he can go up and down a moderate amount of stairs everyday, finds his food and water dish just fine, and he knows where his beds are in the house. Chase does not like the kennel at all, but he does do well left at home for a few hours. He is a very intelligent and determined dog that is inspires us daily with his “never quit” attitude. Chase does have urine incontinence and a low control of his bowel movement at this time because of his lameness and numbness in his back end due to being hit by a car and having his tail cut off, which he is now in physiotherapy rehabilitation for, and we are told he does have a good chance at getting more feeling in his back end and back legs in time which means he may be able to better control his bowel movements in the future. Only time will tell for the nerve endings to have some regenerative growth. Obviously Chase will need a special home that has direct access to a fenced in yard, a decent amount of time at home to spend with him, work with his continued rehabilitation that we will financially cover for the next 5-6 months, and have a set up that is suitable for bathroom mistakes. He really is a joy to have around, especially with the right set up and lifestyle. This sweet boy still patiently awaits his forever home. Will that home be you?

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Chase.

Chase was dumped as a young puppy in the streets. He was then hit by a car and by the time he was found, someone had also cut off his tail, causing sciatic nerve damage which is why he has the lameness and numbness in his back end/ legs. Who would do such a cruel act? This has also lead to him not being able to control his own bladder and bowel movements very well at this time. We have been told by our vet that he can regenerate and regain some more feeling through nerve ending regeneration from physiotherapy and time. Physiotherapy such as hydrotherapy, laser therapy and massage therapy. He’s such a survivor! Did I mention he also is primarily blind and cross eyed? This guy will not quit and is an inspiration to ourselves on the daily.

Meet Adoptable Toto and Rufus!

(Toto is on the left and Rufus on the right)

Toto is a wire haired, male, 15-16 lb, tan and cream, Terrier mixed breed. Rufus is a two tone brown, 10 lb, male, Chihuahua, mixed breed. They are both really sweet and funny doggies that love to play, go for walks, and are good left in the home. They do well on leash and are still getting used to busy environments. Toto and Rufus like nice people and other dogs, but pretty much stick to themselves when it comes to playing. The boys are leash reactive sometimes to other dogs, but it’s all noise and they settle down well with good exercise and some positive reinforcement training. They seem to be just fine with other dogs off leash though. Toto and Rufus would do best in a home with no kids or kids over 8, no cats, and no maybe other dogs we are thinking. We will definitely be keeping these two boys together. They are so bonded that it’s more like having one dog around, rather than two.
These two very bonded boys once had a family but were recently surrendered by their family to the busy shelter. We got them out and now they are with us and

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Toto and Rufus.


Meet Adoptable Dallas!

Dallas is a 4 year old, male, brown and white, 55-60lb, American Staffordshire Terrier, mixed breed. Dallas is just a big hearted, funny personality, silly goofball of a dog. He will make anybody laugh and smile with his personality. He loves to get and show love, but still learning what cuddling is, believe it or not. The poor boy was never used to affection before we rescued him. Dallas likes to go for walks, hikes and adventures, and he is getting better with leash manners daily while on walks with his foster mom, he has done pretty good at home with not being destructive at all so far, unless it’s to his toys, and has been good in his kennel when he’s left alone. He had a couple pee accidents the first few days but that has come to an end, it was probably a little basic, male marking. He has been shown to have a good temperament towards people and other dogs, he just wants to say hello and play. Dallas will need help with learning some social skills with playing and not getting too excited, as he tends to just barrel around with energy while playing, but there are times he can be very relaxed too when playing, and can relax with other dogs. He is obsessed with his toys, and we mean obsessed! He loves to play with toys, almost any kind, but certain ones he chooses become his very favorite, and he will do anything you ask him to do if you have that toy in your hand. You could bring it with you on a walk and if he ever got loose, he would come back so fast to you if you have that toy as he is that attached to them. Dallas will need someone to continue training with him to make him the best well rounded doggy he can be, but he wants to learn. We are kindly requesting because of his size and roughhouse playing type of nature that he only be with kids 12 and up, no cats as he loves to chase them, and others dogs would be ok in the home, but preferably a female as it tends to go best. Unless it’s a male that’s not the same age, gender or breed. Thank you. This handsome fella is now patiently awaiting his new forever home.

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Dallas.

Meet Adoptable Ziggy and Ozzy!

Ziggy and Ozzy are two all black, 1.5-2 year old, males, 12-14lb, Chihuahua, Dachshund, mixed breeds. These two super adorable best friends or brothers, we don’t really know, are a whole bunch of fun and excitement. Ziggy and Ozzy love to rip around the house and play with one another and their toys. They are super affectionate and cuddly, but also love to relax on their own too. Ziggy and Ozzy are primarily house / potty trained at this point, but may need a bit of help in the first few days in a new place, and they do well left in their kennel while people are out. They do alright on leash, they tend to go a little this way and that way, but they do go for walks and seem to be fine with a leash and harness on. These guys for now will just be enjoying basic walks in a relaxed neighborhood until they can be more desensitized to some larger and more busy areas. They tend to bark at other dogs while on leash outside from overstimulation, but we believe they will settle fine as the days go by. A fenced backyard would be nice for them to have, but it’s not necessary. We think respectful kids may be ok for them, we are not sure about cats, and other dogs would be ok as well once they get to know them properly. These two handsome are ready for their new home and life.

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Ziggy and Ozzy.


Meet Adoptable Remy!

Remy is a 3 year old, male, 15-17lb, black and brown, Min Pin, mixed breed. Remy is a fun and silly boy that likes to give and get attention, follow you around, cuddle, lay where he pleases, play, go for walks and adventures, or just nap it out. He does amazing in the home and left alone and is such a love. Remy is pretty good on leash when just walking, but has been leash reactive with other dogs and will need some training help there to improve his overstimulation, but he does good off leash with other dogs and can, and has, lived with other dogs. It’s only on leash when he’s reactive, but not aggressive. This boy would do good with someone who can give him medium to highly active exercise, another dog would be ok, and kids 8 and up, but no cats please.

If you are interested in fostering to adopt Remy please apply at

Meet Adoptable Bugsy!

Bugsy is a 4 year old, male, all white, 10-12 lb, Chihuahua, mixed breed. Bugsy is a very sweet boy that can be a bit shy and timid at first, but warms up pretty quick in a nice and quiet home. He does well in the home and is very relaxed and quiet for the most part. Bugsy loves to just relax in your lap, on the couch or in his dog bed. He does alright in walks and likes to sniff around and explore, but he gets nervous when other dogs run up on him on walks. Bugsy is good with other dogs, he just likes them to go slow. He would do best in a quiet and relaxed home, with only one or two persons, no kids, cats and another gentle dog would be fine. Bugsy came from the streets where he wasn’t treated so well by someone that had him, but he is doing a lot better now. This sweet and gentle boy would love to find his forever home where he can just relax and take it easy without lots of noises or busyness.

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Bugsy.


Meet Adoptable Luna!

Luna is a 2 year old, female, 50-55lb, all black, Formosan Mountain Dog, mixed breed. Luna came to us as a puppy and has recently been surrendered back to us and an adult, so she has had house training. Luna is a very sweet and intelligent girl, that is also very shy and timid at first. She takes a while to warm up to you, but she will allow you to pet her and take her for a walk, which she enjoys, she just doesn’t start to show affection to you until she settles in and that could take a few days or more. When she does open up, she’s really sweet. Luna is very quiet in the home for the most part and she does well left alone. She has been around other dogs and seems to be doing fine for the most part, but she can be shy of some dogs or just doesn’t want to meet them. Luna would do best in a very relaxed home with someone who has patience and time, likes to go for nice walks and little hikes, that doesn’t have a lot of visitors. This naturally cautious girl with a gentle heart and demeanor is now patiently awaiting her forever home.

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Luna.


Meet Adoptable Sage!

This beautiful 18 month old, 50lb, brindle, Staffordshire Bull Terrier X is a local island girl that is such a love! Sage is so sweet and playful with people and other dogs, but does need to learn play boundaries. She is a really energetic girl that will need a steady exercise and training regiment to help her become a well rounded dog. She does pull on leash right now but does settle down a bit after the first 10 minutes of the walk, so she will need a strong owner. Sage is now spayed. She would do best in a home with very active person or persons that have the time to place in solid training and exercise. This love bug is now patiently awaiting her forever home.

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Sage.


Meet Adoptable Gordon!

Gordon is a 4 year old, male, 38lb, tri- colour, Beagle and Basset hound mix. Gordon Is such a cool dog that loves to get outside and go for walks, hikes and all sorts of adventures where the sniffs never end. This boy loves his scents! He does walk with a little bit of a weird front step as he once tragically got his paw caught in a hunters snare trap and then we was dumped by the owner because of the injury. He was used as a hunting dog. Luckily he was rescued and he’s fully recovered and he is good to go! He doesn’t seem to be too prey driven in any aspect, even after being used for hunting for a little while. Gordon is a very friendly boy with people, respectful kids and other dogs, and has even shown to be quite tolerant with cats. He would do great in a medium to high energy home with some good exercise daily. Hounds can be know to be vocal dogs and Gordon hasn’t been too frequent with that type of behavior, but he can and any new family will want to take that into account. He currently resides in a foster home in Vancouver at the moment, but can be adopted in Vancouver or on Vancouver Island. This handsome boy is now patiently awaiting his new forever home!

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Gordon!