Meet Adoptable Hamlin

Meet Adoptable Hamlin!

Hamlin is a 2 year old, male, tri-coloured, 45lb, Staffy X. This guy is a whole lot of love, laughter and cuddles. Hamlin is a very affectionate boy that loves people. He is well behaved in the home for the most part and loves to play with his toys, especially his ball. His amazing ears have been know to pick up cell phone signals, CB radio, some satellite TV channels, as well as an emergency broadcast signals for tsunamis. Haha. Hammy, or Hamlin, still needs some leash work for his pulling at times, would do best in a home in a quiet area, he is best suited as the only dog in the home. He can make doggy friends, but he needs to go slow and be introduced properly. He is insecure about other dogs at first until he knows them, and he prefers to be the dominant one in any pack. So for a home he will need to be the only dog is what we feel is best, but he has lived with other dogs before, including small breeds and large breeds. Hamlin loves to go for walks, hikes and all sorts of adventures. He will need a experienced owner with time, understanding and strength. Even know he’s a little guy, he’s power packed when he wants to be. He isn’t much of a barker at all, and really gives unconditional love to people. Hamlin is prey driven, so no cats please. We would prefer kids over 7 for Hamlin too. This beautiful soul is now patiently awaiting his new forever home!

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Hamlin!