Meet Adoptable Goose

Meet Adoptable Goose!

Information provided by owner: Goose is a really sweet and cute, 4 year old purebred Lakeland Terrier (no papers, however). She is in perfect health and all her shots are up to date–she is spayed as well. Her vet is Dr. Philip Stacey in Saanichton. Goose has a leash aggression issues and we have done our best via training to alleviate this problem. She is good off leash with other dogs though. We use a clicker and treats when out with her and this helps at times. We took her to growly dog classes at Smart Dogs Training in Saancihton and we got some tips but her leash aggression persists.

Sidney, where we live, is full of dogs so it makes walking her on leash difficult. Inside the house and off leash she is fine, quite affectionate and fun to be with. Her favourite activity is chasing her ball and playing tug of war with her toys. She really is a doll.

Her diet is simple: Wellness lamb and barley augmented by rice. She likes bully sticks as well but can’t handle chicken and fish. She likes vegetables too. She does not mooch at the table and is totally toilet trained.

Please private message us and apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Goose.