Meet Adoptable Bella

Meet Adoptable Bella!

Bella is a really sweet, 6 year old, local Pomeranian girl, that came to us a few days ago after being surrendered. She was originally taken from a home that had been keeping her crated for almost her whole life, but then a great person came in to take her out of that situation, and contacted us for help with finding her a great new forever home. Bella was also assessed by a great local trainer, and she did very well during that assessment. Bella now resides with us in a foster home, and has been doing so well since. She has kept a great temperament and composure, even after her years of neglect. Bella has shown to do well with other dogs, big and small, has been kind to the new humans she has met, and just really craves love and attention. The one thing Bella doesn’t seem to like, are young kids that yell, scream and move really fast with excitement around her. We do believe she may have had some previous bad experiences with young kids in her previous life, and doesn’t really feel comfortable around them. So we are requesting no young children in a home for her, especially under 12 years of age. Bella loves to go for walks, small hikes and to be at home demanding belly rubs and affection. She has been good in her foster home being left alone for small period of time so far, has been eating well, and overall has been very comfortable in the short time she has been in the foster home. We would think a medium to low energy home for her would be best, as well as someone with lots of time and love to show her what real love and life is all about.

We kindly ask you private message us and apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Bella