Meet Adoptable Vader!

Vader comes to us from the mainland, rescued through Surrey Animal Resource Center. Vader is a very loving, male, 2.5-3 year old, 135lb, white with black spots, St.Bernard X Sharpei X Boxer. Vader is a loving boy that gets along with all nice people and dogs, although his size can intimidate some dogs, but Vader just wants to love and be loved. Vader is a very smart dog and can be trained to learn a lot, and can also open fridges on his own, and well as other things. We believe Vader would do best in a home with a big backyard or acreage, and preferably no young children, he just doesn’t always know his own size. Also, because he does have some pretty sensitive skin allergies to chicken, grass, and other pollens, so kids could irritate that if touching him too much. We have Vader on a strict diet and skin medication, and that has been going well, but he will need to continue to have a very strict diet and skin medication, which we are fully providing for him while he settles into a new home and environment. This boy is such a loving doggy that just has such a zest for life, he doesn’t need lots of exercise before he gets tired, and he just loves to hangout on a nice cold floor, couch, dog bed or concrete to relax. Vader is neutered and up to date on vaccinations, and is now patiently awaiting his new forever home.

Please private message us and apply at if you’re interested in fostering or fostering to adopt Vader.

Meet Adoptable Rex!

Rex is a local surrender, 3 year old, male, tan and orange, 40-45 lb, 16″ tall, Australian Shepard X. Rex is a really cool dog that loves to go for hikes and adventures, especially beach walks. Rex is good with other dogs and people, and just loves to please, and does know some basic commands such as sit, heel, stay and lay down. He is very smart. Rex comes from the same home as Dusty and Flores, so he can be with other dogs in a home. Rex doesn’t care so much to chase wild animals, but he does have some herding instinct in him. Rex would do well in almost any home that likes to be fairly active, but can enjoy some good relaxing as well. Rex is neutered and is up to date on his vaccinations.

Please private message us and apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Rex.

Meet Adoptable Flores!

Flores is a local surrender, 8 year old, 18″ in height, 25-30 lb, slim rusty brown/orange, female, mixed breed. This lovely girl likes to go for walks and adventures at the beach, play with her ball in the backyard, and to just lay in the sun and relax. Flores does get along with other dogs and people, but can sometimes be a tad shy of new people at first, but warms up with a treat and a gentle hello. Flores can be a tad fixated on deer, so is best to have a good sized fenced yard, and also to be on leash for her walks. Flores comes from a home with two other dogs, both being posted for adoption with us as well, Dusty and Rex. She would do best in a medium to low energy home with some who has some time to spend with her, maybe someone who works from home, part-time or retired. Flores is spayed and up to date on her vaccinations. This beautiful girl is now ready for her new forever home.

Please private message us and apply at if you’re interested in fostering or fostering to adopt Flores.

Meet Adoptable Dusty!

Dusty is a local surrender, female, cream and tan, 12 year old, 25 lb, 20-23″ tall, mixed breed. This sweet girl has a lot of life and love left in her to give. Dusty loves to play with the ball in the yard, is good on leash, and can run very fast. Dusty also enjoys cuddling on the couch or in bed with you, and has a love for treats. Dusty is good with basic commands, with other dogs and people, but prefers calm dogs and people when first meeting them, some small rambunctious children can make her nervous from their high energy. She doesn’t want to hurt them at all, she just is scared and keeps her distance. Dusty can be fixated on deer sometimes, and needs to have a very secure yard, or be on leash at all times when leaving the house, or she will chase the deer. This beautiful girl would do great in a medium to low energy home with someone that works from home, part-time or is retired. Dusty is spayed and up to date on all vaccinations.

Please private message us and apply at if you’re interested in fostering or fostering to adopt Dusty.

Meet Adoptable Bella!

Bella is a really sweet, 6 year old, local Pomeranian girl, that came to us a few days ago after being surrendered. She was originally taken from a home that had been keeping her crated for almost her whole life, but then a great person came in to take her out of that situation, and contacted us for help with finding her a great new forever home. Bella was also assessed by a great local trainer, and she did very well during that assessment. Bella now resides with us in a foster home, and has been doing so well since. She has kept a great temperament and composure, even after her years of neglect. Bella has shown to do well with other dogs, big and small, has been kind to the new humans she has met, and just really craves love and attention. The one thing Bella doesn’t seem to like, are young kids that yell, scream and move really fast with excitement around her. We do believe she may have had some previous bad experiences with young kids in her previous life, and doesn’t really feel comfortable around them. So we are requesting no young children in a home for her, especially under 12 years of age. Bella loves to go for walks, small hikes and to be at home demanding belly rubs and affection. She has been good in her foster home being left alone for small period of time so far, has been eating well, and overall has been very comfortable in the short time she has been in the foster home. We would think a medium to low energy home for her would be best, as well as someone with lots of time and love to show her what real love and life is all about.

We kindly ask you private message us and apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Bella

Meet adoptable Gertie!
Gertie is a super sweet and unique little female, 4-5 year old, Min Pin X Rat Terrier. Gertie can be very sweet and affectionate, she listens well to commands, and loves to go for walks and small adventures. She loves to just cuddle and hangout at home as well. She does best with dogs her size and bigger, not that she doesn’t like smaller dogs, she just can be a little dominant to them at first. But, that being said, she corrects easily and can be fine around smaller dogs after she is corrected a few times from trying to be dominant. Gertie is house trained and does good on leash as well. The only issue with Gertie is she does have some pretty heavy separation anxiety. Gertie can’t be left home alone in a kennel or she will do her very best to break out and cause damage. Now, that being said, if she has other dogs in the home with her she is a lot better and doesn’t tend to be destructive at all when left alone at home with other dogs. Gertie is also mostly blind in one eye, but that doesn’t stop the sweet girl from being active and enjoying herself along the way. You don’t even notice that she is affected by it at all. Gertie would make a very loving companion to a doggy orientated home. We are currently searching for the right home for this very sweet and loving girl.

Please private message us and apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Gertie.

Meet adoptable Willow!

Willow is a very very sweet and loving 1.5-2 year old Sharpei X American Staffordshire Terrier X Lab or Ridgeback. Willow would do best with an owner that has some experience with dogs and dogs that need continued training. Willow has been staying with our friends and trainers and this is what they have to say :

I don’t think you can find a sweeter, more affectionate dog! Willow will hug, kiss and lick you all day long. She is super cuddly and polite, likes to take treats very gently, and has been great around our dogs and any kids we have had her around. She loves to jump, run around and play. Tug, is her favorite game and we have been working on having her drop it. She is a big love and wouldn’t even think about harming any human.

With all of that being said , she does have some challenges that she has been working on to overcome.
She has a very high prey drive. Anything that moves she wants to chase. We have been working on her impulse control and it is coming along nicely.She will need continued training and support and will have to be give rules and boundaries , as any dog would need.

Who ever takes on this sweet girl will have one free private session as well as one free set of obedience classes compliments of her foster trainers K9Goodlife.

If she is needed to be looked after we will also offer continue support at a discounted rate.

Please private message us and apply at if you are interested in fostering to adopt Willow.