Meet Adoptable Cocoa!

Cocoa is a 2 year old, female, 60lb, black with white trim, Labrador Retriever x Corgi x Shepard. This girl is just one of the sweetest and most loving dogs. Coca does very well with other dogs of all sizes and will just say hello and tend to do her own thing. She will engage in some dog play. If a dog shows any negative reactivity to her she just backs away and does not engage. Cocoa just loves, loves, loves, her human affection so so much, including snuggles and pets, and will just follow you around sometimes to see what you’re doing. She can pull a bit on leash at first, but does tend to relax after the first few minutes of the walk. Cocoa has done very well in the home and has not been destructive or had any bathroom accidents yet in her foster home, not even when left alone out of the crate. Cocoa does have a good amount of fun and goofy energy to her where she’s always ready for some fun and play, but can relax too after some good exercise. This girl really is such a love and deserves a good active owner or owners, and a very loving and affectionate home. We think she would do well with kids over 10, as her excitement at times could knock over a small child by accident, and she can jump up a little when excited. She does not want to hurt anyone or anything. Just excitable at times. We haven’t cat tested Cocoa. This amazing girl is going to make someone very happy! She is all ready for her new home.

Please private message us and apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Cocoa.


Meet Adoptable Beeps!

This boy is a very special case we have agreed to take on with the great people at SPCA International. Beeps even has his own Dodo story. Will someone open up their home and heart to help foster this boy until we can get him adopted? Or that wants to adopt him.

Here is his bio:
Beeps is a male, 1.5 year old, 25-35 lb, beautiful mixed breed rescue dog from Thailand. He was hit by a car in Thailand when he was just a few months old and lost the use of his hind legs. Paralyzed dogs have no chance of being adopted in Thailand, so his only hope was a home in North America. After a year of looking, a great family wanted to adopt him and Beeps was brought to Seattle in December 2017. But his new family experienced a dire medical emergency shortly thereafter and now needs to urgently find him a new home. Beeps once again finds himself adrift without much hope. Can you help? He is a playful puppy full of energy. He is medium in size. He enjoys his wheels but moves SO FAST without them too. Amazingly, he has bladder control and is pee-pee potty trained. He does not have control of his bowels, however. A drag bag and diaper should help him immensely. He gets along with other dogs having grown up in a Thailand shelter with lots of four-legged playmates. (His current placement also has two dogs and they get along famously.) As a spoiled puppy, he could use some training. But he will be a quick learner because he is very eager to please. He loves stuffed toys and loves to play dogs and people. He will be the silliest, most popular guy at your dog park! Won’t you take him in? He will the be a light in your life, you will be saving him and helping a family in a very difficult circumstance. His attitude toward cats and kids are unknown. We will supply all you need for Beeps for the first few months and help with any initial vet visits if need be. But Beeps has been cleared healthy and ready for action! 🐕❤️

Please private message us and apply at if you’re interested in fostering or fostering to adopt Beeps.

Meet Adoptable Toro

Toro is a 4-5 year old, male, brindle and white, 55 -60 lb, American Pitbull Terrier (Purebred Documents available). Toro is a very beautiful and playful boy that loves to go for walks, runs, hikes and adventures. So far he has done pretty well on leash and improves daily. He has done well meeting new dogs, but can be a bit excited at first, so just getting some energy out first always helps. Toro loves his humans of all sizes and loves to get the affection right back and he will make it his mission to snuggle with you as much as possible. Toro is very puppyish still for his age and does need some basic training still, and would do best in a medium to very active persons household that also has large breed experience, and likes to relax after a good exercise session too. He was just recently neutered. We have not had Toro around any cats or children yet. This beautiful boy is now up for adoption and awaiting his new fur-ever home. He is being fostered in Nanaimo.

Please private message us and apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Toro.