Who is RainCoast Dog Rescue Society?

Jesse Adams

RainCoast Dog Rescue Society is a very passionate and dedicated BC non-profit Dog Rescue organization created in 2014 in Victoria, B.C., Canada. Co-Founded by Jesse Adams with his deep love and passion for helping animals, especially dogs, abroad and at home.

RainCoast is a 100% non profit. As in all donations, adoption fees, fundraiser earnings and merchandise sales go directly back towards rescuing more dogs, and caring for the rescue dogs we have here already. RainCoast does not take any money for personal profit.

What does RainCoast Dog Rescue Society do?

We at Raincoast Dog Rescue Society rescue and rehabilitate unwanted, neglected, misplaced, abused and stray dogs of all breeds, genders and ages. We are a very passionate and dedicated non-profit organization that loves to rescue and rehabilitate dogs locally and abroad. We take heavy pride and passion in finding amazing, safe, responsible and very loving forever homes for all our adoptable dogs. All this is done through a thorough process called a “foster to adopt” process. This process ensures that all parties feel comfortable with the dog they are wanting to adopt, and not feeling mislead or forced to adopt. As we want everyone feeling confident and comfortable when they decide to adopt.

RainCoast Dog Rescue Society as well holds awareness and fundraising events, monthly. Events such as socialization walks, hikes, local dog rescue awareness events, and in store adoption/awareness events. We also post fun facts and fun videos, as well as training, breed, and socialization info, to help educate people on responsible ownership, and to help bring awareness to local communities, and people abroad. We also share health facts to show owners what may be best for their dogs health, body and mind. We advocate heavily for adopting a dog over buying from a breeder or pet store, as these types of places only create more lives, when there are so many lives that are already suffering from serious overpopulation and abuse all around the world, and even very much so, here at home. RainCoast does primarily local rescue work, but also loves to go abroad and do international rescue and rehabilitation work with amazing animals in need in various countries.

We have recently started some new programs to help give back to those animals in need within our local Vancouver Island community. The first program is our “PET Project” program, where we kindly ask for local business’s and people to donate their used dog and cat supplies, and or purchase new ones to donate, then we hand out those dog and cat supplies to the homeless and less fortunate with dogs and cats, that are in need of supplies within our Vancouver Island community. This has been a very rewarding project for us, one we are very proud of.

As part of this PET project we are also a HUB, donating to other charitable organizations like the Stan Hagen Salvation Army, to help supply them to hand out dog and cat supplies as well to those in need. We have been working with the Stan Hagen Salvation Army for a couple years now.

We also have been working with some local First Nations Bands on helping any animals in need within their community as well. It has been an honour to work with the First Nations people.

We just started working with the great staff in the new building on Johnson St that helps those in need with addictions and mental health issues, homeless people that were once living on the street. This is a newly funded government program for the Johnson St building and staff. We are proud to be currently helping those with animals in need within the building

Our second local Vancouver Island project we have recently started, we created with the amazing, local, non-profit, search and rescue group called, ROAM. RainCoast and ROAM are proud to have started a Spay and Neuter project that helps get local animals in need the veterinary care they need to get healthy and happy. This includes, any and all types of veterinary care. Overpopulation of dogs and cats is a big issue we have facing us animal rescue organizations everyday, and the best way to help stop the overpopulation, is to spay and neuter your dogs and cats.

How does RainCoast Dog Rescue Society rescue their dogs?

RainCoast rescues all their dogs with the utmost love and care for the dogs well-being and rehabilitation, depending on the severity of the case some dogs can take months to rehabilitate, and some dogs are ready in a short time for a loving forever home. All of our dogs are personally temperament tested, assessed, worked with by us hands on, given different levels of training started depending on the dog, fully vaccinated, heart worm test and fungal test if rescued out of BC, spayed or neutered, de wormed and given a flea and tick treatment. All the dogs RainCoast Dog Rescue rescues are either personally fostered by us on the RainCoast farm or placed into professional foster homes before being placed up for adoption, which is usually two to three weeks. This to see if any unforeseen medical or temperament issues come out prior to being placed up for adoption, as we take great pride in the safety and care of all our dogs when rescue, rehabilitate and place our amazing rescue dogs into loving forever homes. We dedicate our lives to rescuing and rehabilitating these beautiful animals.

RainCoast Dog Rescue has a great “Foster To Adopt” program which makes things really comfortable and professional for potential adopters. This means we start off by asking you to apply online on this website, click “adopt now” and fill out the application to the best of your ability. Once we receive your application we will contact you usually within 48 hours or less to discuss your application and answer any questions or concerns you may have, as well as discuss the adoptable dogs you may be interested in. Once we agree on some dogs or a dog being a possible good fit for you, we will then plan a home check of your home, and then the meeting of the dogs or dog you were interested and approved for. When you come to meet the dog or dogs you were interested in we will go for a on-leash walk with the dog, we will see how the dog does in a safe and enclosed off-leash environment by themselves and then with other dogs to see their socialization skills and playful manner. If all goes well and you decide you would like to take the dog home to start the official “Foster To Adopt”, you then will place the adoption deposit down, this is simply to show you are taking the possible adoption seriously and you are financially capable to adopt a dog. The deposit is 100% refundable at any point you ask for it back during the “Foster To Adopt” process if you choose not to adopt the dog. When you start the “foster to adopt” we provide you with the food, treats, toys, bed, bowls, dog waste bags, leash, collar and kennel/crate for the next 7-14 days while you decide whether or not you will adopt that dog, staying in touch with us daily for an update and to ask us any questions you may have, as we are always here to help. Education is key. If you choose to adopt the dog we kindly ask for the crate/kennel, bowls, leash and collar back so you can get your own nice new stuff for your new beautiful rescue dog, and so we can use the items again for the next rescue dog in need. This is also nice because you do not have to go out and spend up to 400$ – 500$ for these items and possibly not end up adopting a dog, leaving you with 400-500$ worth of dog stuff you may not be using if you don’t decide to get a dog. RainCoast Dog Rescue does all they can to make your adoption process as comfortable, safe, professional and smooth as possible. We will always be there for any tips or advice for you and your RainCoast adopted dog for your dogs whole life. RainCoast also takes back any of their dogs no matter what during the life of the dog, the dog is NOT allowed to be given away, sold or surrendered to anyone, shelter or pound. RainCoast never wants their dogs to go back into the system to which they came from. We love all our dogs we rescue and feel once we rescue them we have given them our word to always be there for them for their entire life. A home check is mandatory either before or after meeting the dog, or before any adoption is finalized.

Adoption fees –

500$ for any puppy under 20 weeks.

400$ for any dog under 8 years of age.

250$ for any dog 8 years or over.